Battleship NORTH CAROLINA Receives Donation from American Legion

Battleship NORTH CAROLINA Receives Donation from American Legion
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Wilmington, NC -( The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA announced today the American Legion, Department of North Carolina, donated $150,000 to the Generations Campaign, a fundraising effort to repair the hull of the ship.

Donald Bridges, State Commander for the American Legion, Department of North Carolina, “The American Legion, Department of North Carolina and the 40,000+ members is honored to make a contribution of nearly $4 per member to help restore and maintain the Battleship North Carolina.” Bridges continues, “These funds will help insure that she be available for everyone to enjoy and revered forevermore. The Battleship North Carolina is our World War II Memorial. Many members of the American Legion, Department of North Carolina are WWII veterans and some of our members served on the USS North Carolina during the War. It is important that we remember and reflect on our heritage to honor those who sacrificed in order for all to enjoy our freedoms and liberty. We encourage all other North Carolina veterans’ organization to provide financial support, as may be available, to help insure that future generations will benefit from the efforts to restore and maintain the Battleship, and preserve our heritage. The American Legion membership thanks the Battleship Commission for allowing us to be part of the historical project to preserve our heritage and our members who have served this great nation! God bless each of you and our great nation.”

“The Battleship is honored by the outreach and generosity of the American Legion,” says Captain Terry Bragg, Executive Director for the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA. “We are grateful of the support of the veterans of the armed forces who served valiantly for our country. In knowing that the battleship not only keeps the World War II crew heritage alive, we strive to also preserve the legacy of all those who served. It is our mission to carry on their message for future generations. With the gift from the American Legion, we continue to move forward to educate on bravery, honor and sacrifice.”

About American Legion:

The American Legion is a nationwide organization of veterans of the armed forces of the US who served during designated war-time periods. The organization received its corporate charter from the US Congress in 1919. The national headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana with local posts existing in cities, towns and hamlets across the nation and the world.

The organization is comprised of 55 Departments, one each in the 50 states with additional departments in the District of Columbia, France, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Individual Departments can have additional levels between themselves and the posts.

The Department of North Carolina is subdivided into 5 Divisions with a Department Vice Commander (often called Division Commanders) who has the responsibility for the districts under their charge. In addition, each Division is sub-divided into 5 Districts.

About the Battleship North Carolina:

The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA is self-supporting, not tax supported and relies primarily upon admissions to tour the Ship, sales in the Ship’s Store, donations and investments. No funds for its administration and operation come from appropriations from governmental entities at the local, state or federal levels. Located at the junction of Highways 17/74/76/421 on the Cape Fear River. Relive with the crew on the Battleship Blog The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA is an historic site within the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources (

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