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Hard Body Armor Level IV Body Armor
SafeGuard Hard Body Armor
Safeguard Armour
Safeguard Armour

Rogersville, MO -( Body armor is a useful piece of equipment for anybody who needs protection against weapons.

Body armor refers to a number of products, the most common of which is a bullet proof vest. However, even these are available in a variety of protection levels, with the highest levels capable of stopping the most powerful ammunition.

There are times when you need the ultimate protection, and in these situations only the highest level of bullet proof vest will do.

The levels of protection bullet proof vests are available in comes from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), which is the world leader in testing and standardizing body armor. The NIJ Levels it outlines explain exactly what a vest can protect against, with Level IV being the highest. Level IV body armor can protect against high-powered ammunition commonly used in rifles and automatics. For example, the 7.62x51mm NATO, even in armor-piercing (AP) variant, can be stopped by a Level IV bullet proof vest.

These are powerful rounds used in automatics like the FN SCAR-H, and can only be protected against with the use of Level IV armor.

But What Exactly Does Level IV Body Armor Look Like?

Level IV armor can only be achieved by using hard armor plates. The lower levels of body armor are soft and flexible, whereas higher levels are much more rigid. However, these high-level plates are usually inserted into a bullet proof vest with appropriate pockets, and cover the soft Kevlar beneath.

The fabric in a high level vest will help dispel the energy of an attack, mitigating any damage caused by impact and helping to keep the wearer up and fighting. For situations where you face high-powered attacks, it is vital that you can keep moving and stay standing, and the soft fabric in a Level IV vest will ensure you do just that. The rigid plate over that is what actually stops the bullet, however, and needs tough materials like Ceramic or Polyethylene to do so.

Extremely Lightweight Bullet Proof Vests
Extremely Lightweight Bullet Proof Vests

While the materials in a rigid Level IV plate are harder and heavier than materials like Kevlar, they are increasingly lightweight and thin, meaning they can be worn even in covert armor. Traditionally, protection against the most serious threats required armor that resembled riot gear, complete with bulky fronts made of steel or even titanium. Now, however, you can have protection against armor-piercing rounds in a discreet and comfortable vest.

Survivalists & Preppers Use Covert Body Armor

Survivalists & Preppers Use Covert Body Armor
Survivalists & Preppers Use Covert Body Armor

Covert armor is of particular benefit to survivalists as it can be worn in almost any circumstances. As any Prepper will tell you, part of being prepared means being ready to react to any situation, and a covert vest means you can be protected when the SHTF. Of course, even if society never breaks down, having protection against attacks is always useful. Just like a Bug-Out Bag, covert armor allows you to go about your business secure in the knowledge that you are protected against anything.

Just like any protection, however, it is only as good as its wearer, and comes with several caveats: firstly, if you are attacked and the vest does stop an otherwise fatal bullet, it can no longer protect you to the same degree. While you can stay standing and continue to be protected after taking a bullet, the vest will not be as secure, and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Secondly, if it is not cared for properly, it cannot protect you properly. Any good Prepper knows that part of being prepared is knowing how to care for the tools and equipment you will be using. This is just as important for body armor, and you should take steps to maintain and clean your armor regularly.

Thirdly, a bullet proof vest at any level can only stop the threats it is designed to stop. While a Level IV vest is incredibly strong, and can stop the vast majority of ammunition, it will not make you invulnerable, and should never be considered a replacement for common sense and caution.

Finally, a Covert Body Armor vest can only protect you if you wear it. Make sure you are wearing your vest whenever there is the threat of an attack.

About SafeGuard Armour:

Leading body armor manufacturers and premium body armor designers & has been established online for about 7 years. They specialize in combining soft Kevlar armor with hard armor plates to their carrier designs.

For more information, visit:

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I have purchased two of the Safeguard vests. They are well-constructed and certainly compare with my first vest which was an undercover vest (T-shirt style). I plan to continue buying from Safeguard because of the quality, the price, and most of all it is American-made. For anyone who wants a casual duty vest or even an line duty vest, you cannot go wrong with these Level III vests. In this day and age, I see more people considering this as the muzzie pigs invade the Southern border. You just never know where you will encounter these cretins and I am… Read more »