Deep South Defense Selects To Launch The Deep South Ammo Club

AmmoReady Subscriptions
AmmoReady Subscriptions

GREENVILLE, SC –-( announced today that Deep South Defense has launched the Deep South Ammo Club, which utilizes’s firearms­-friendly ecommerce platform.

“Deep South Defense is using several solutions to offer an innovative service for consumers,” commented Paul Angell, CEO.

“We’re thrilled to introduce ourselves to the firearms industry by partnering with Deep South Defense, and we look forward to helping other firearms retailers grow their business and increase sales.”

“We had the idea for an ammo club quite a while ago,” added Shawn Cobey, Director of Operations for Deep South Defense.

“But we found no easy way to manage everything that goes into actually doing it. handles everything from adding inventory, to creating subscriptions, to setting up your online storefront, and it processes subscription orders automatically every month. It works with our merchant account, and it’s 100% mobile ready. We’re thrilled to be working with Their platform is incredible.”

The Deep South Ammo Club offers 44 different ammunition subscriptions in 7 popular calibers. Subscriptions are available for in­store pickup or delivery. Subscribers choose how often they want their subscription filled (every 30, 60, or 90 days) and can cancel at any time.

Ammunition retailers interested in offering ammunition subscriptions can learn more at .

About is a firearms­friendly e­commerce platform. It includes inventory management purpose­built for firearms and ammunition, a responsive (mobile­friendly) storefront, a shopping cart that works with your merchant account, integration with, order fulfillment, shipment tracking, and AmmoReady Subscriptions, a turn­key solution for offering monthly ammunition subscriptions.