Do You Patronize Businesses That Undermine Your Freedoms and Values?

By Kimberly Bloom Jackson

No Guns Gun Free Zone
Do You Patronize Businesses That Undermine Your Freedoms and Values?
Kimberly Bloom Jackson
Kimberly Bloom Jackson

USA – -( When my husband and I arrived at the door of a local restaurant that came highly recommended to us, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

On their door was the infamous “NO GUNS” sign. We looked at each other in disbelief. How could the owner of the restaurant be so stupid as to draw attention to an establishment full of unarmed customers?

Worse yet, how could customers be so stupid? It’s like hanging an “easy target” sign around every neck.

Fact is, mindless gun-free zones are what mass shootings have in common. They are killing zones, free from good guys with guns. That’s why the Aurora movie theater killer chose the more distant theater where guns were not allowed and thus where he wouldn’t have to worry about his plan being foiled.

Still, too many people remain in denial.

Recently, an Olive Garden employee asked an on duty Kansas City police officer who was in full uniform to leave the restaurant because he was—wait for it—carrying a gun!

Intense reaction to the incident on social media prompted an Olive Garden spokesperson to apologize for the “misunderstanding.” “We love having members of law enforcement dine with us,” he said. Really? Olive Garden may say they love law enforcement, but did you know they hate the Second Amendment?

As for that restaurant with the “no gun” sign my husband and I visited, needless to say, we moved on to safer turf.

I tell you this story because it’s part of a bigger picture about principles. You see, we no longer patronize businesses that we know are actively working to erode our freedoms and values, like our natural right of self-defense. In other words, we’ll gladly patronize Chick-Fil-A, which proudly supports all of my civil rights, over restaurants like Olive Garden that do not.

If you’re concerned about promoting businesses that use your hard earned dollars to undermine your way of life, then I encourage you to check out I promise, it’s quite the eye-opener. You can peruse a list of establishments and learn where they stand on the Second Amendment, right to life, and other issues important to freedom loving people. What businesses are you patronizing that donate money to organizations responsible for crushing your rights? You might be surprised.

As I see it, if principles really do matter, then I shouldn’t be supporting the very establishments that threaten everything I stand for. That’s just stupid.

Question: How are you pushing back against those who want to undermine your freedoms and values? Share your thoughts on Twitter or on your favorite social media.

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As an actress turned anthropologist and teacher, I snoop into the real stories that lie hidden behind the scenes of American culture. My primary focus is on Hollywood and education, where I draw attention to unique and intriguing issues that significantly impact people’s lives. Visit :

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Check the internet. Many of these signs are not to specifications in size, color, and many other things. If one thing is off, it makes the sign null and void and you can carry inside. Make a copy of the law on this and carry it with you. If you are challenged by the establishment or police, they will loose every time.


Likewise, I was very disappointed with the site’s lack of 2A info without “signing-up”. I declined to play.

If they are indeed dedicated to changing shopping behaviors etc., and it would appear, to expand their mailing list, they should offer some proof of value other than rumor before requiring a buy in. Marketing 101.

Jay Eimer

2AFriendly has a website and a smart phone app that lets you tag a business as not gun friendly (as in posted no guns) and see businesses that are or are not gun friendly. It’s user generated, so coverage depends on how many you or others in your area have tagged (good or bad). An approach I’ve found useful in some cases is to call them from the front door, ask for a manager, and then inform them that you were “turned away at the door, in violation of your civil rights”. Typically they want to know what employee turned… Read more »

Paul Valone

Grass Roots North Carolina has done such projects a couple of times in the past, but they are extremely resource-intensive. Bear in mind that to be effective, the business owner must know *why* gun owners are not patronizing them. That means a program to direct input into the business.

Red Fotog

HeII no – I do not frequent establishments where I am not wanted. On the extremely rare occasion I do have to go into one – I still CC my XD Mod.2 9mm. Skrew ’em.


“Do” “I” “Patronize Businesses That Undermine Your Freedoms and Values?”

Short answer, NO!

Long answer, NO!

Any questions?


Hell no I don’t patronize those businesses. Those places have to learn the hard way before they pull their head out of that methane spot. I got no desire to be in one of those target rich environments.


I went to that web site, it seems more interested in harvesting my email address than providing any useful data.


In September, on my way to bow-hunt elk in SW Colorado, I had breakfast at Shooters Grill, in Rifle, Colorado. I wore my NRA Certified Firearms Instructor shirt and ball cap (and pistol) as a sign of support. While I was there, nobody shot up the restaurant. Imagine THAT!

Reginald Hafner

Concealed means what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Liberals are stupid and we cannot fix stupid.


Wild Bill, check out the lists at They may not all be in your area, but there are quite a bunch of companies listed. Many are parent companies, so you may need to dig a little to find out who owns what (ie: Kroger owns QFC and Fred Meyers) and subsidiaries should follow parent company policy.

RetMSgt in Pa.

I generally open carry when I’m out and about with my wife. We go grocery shopping, occasionally stop and have lunch somewhere. No one notices, no one complains. Okay, so our local supermarket has gunbuster signs posted at its entrances. I don’t open carry there. Concealed means concealed.

Big John

Hey Wild Bill, that too is what I am looking for (list of unfriendly businesses). If I don’t feel welcome to “come in” with my handgun, then that business is not welcome to my “income”.

Wild Bill

The businesses with the no guns signs on the door, I can figure out by my own self, but does anyone publish a list of businesses, big or small, local, regional, and national, that work actively against our 2nd Amendment civil rights?