Doctors Urged To Push ‘Agenda’ of Gun Control For Public Health

By AWR Hawkins

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Doctors Urged To Push ‘Agenda’ of Gun Control For Public Health
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( During the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in early November, health services researcher Judith Katzburg urged doctors to “push the agenda” securing gun control for public health.

Katzburg spoke during a panel titled, “The Tipping Point: Activating a Public Health Movement to Address Gun Violence.”

Describing her efforts in the panel, Kartzburg said, “We are hoping to forge a national coalition of partners to push the agenda of a public health approach to gun violence prevention forward.”

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence president Dan Gross echoed Kartzburg’s sentiment and spoke of how his group values the opportunity to partner with doctors in this gun control push. Gross said:

Cross-sector partnerships are incredibly important to us, especially partnerships in the health and public health area. Because gun violence, at the end of the day, has been looked at too long through a political lens. It’s a public health issue, and it’s one of the most pressing public health issues facing our country today.

Gross went on to make clear that success in securing gun control depends on success in framing it an “issue of public health and safety.”

It is important to note the not-so-subtle shift from pushing gun control–under the label, gun control–to pushing gun control under the label, public health or public safety. The Brady Campaign’s anti-gun goals are still anti-gun, but they are wrapped in new words and given a different delivery methodology via the help of medical personnel who support more gun control as well.

If these gun control proponents could ever secure a federal agency to take up gun control for public health, they could then use that agency to implement new gun regulations unilaterally–without the hindrances of Congress–much as the environmentalists have been able to do with the EPA.

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Dave from San Antonio

Sounds suspiciously like they are pushing for another type of colonoscopy.


Robert Ehlers; Your are correct, but the number of people dying from medical errors is more like 400,000. If this site allows links i could post them.


Mr. Evans- Your intolerance is intolerable!! You, my non-friend, are part of the PROBLEM, not the solution. How dare you bring the issue of religion/ethnicity into the equation!! You’re mindless comment only perpetuates ignorance and hatred….and reveals your ugly soul! Many MD’s support the 2nd Amendment, own guns legally, are active members of the NRA, and have CCW’s….and they also realize that people kill people, not a gun! They are on the same team as most good, caring people and you should NEVER use exceptions to categorize a group, race, or religion. Please stop offending me and the many thoughtful… Read more »


James your a racist scumbag. Besides the democrats it’s people like you that make OUR COUNTRY LOOK BAD.


James Evans, you are a racist SOB. You must be a KKK member or the grand teaton.

James Evans

These doctors’ NAMES say a lot: Kartzburg, Gross. Typical names of Tribe members, those special people….

Robert Ehlers

Doctors are hypocrites. Deaths related to guns are less than 2% of the total while deaths related to doctors and prescribed drugs number 120,000 to 200,000 each year. More people are killed by hands and feet. Once again trying to promote control over something they neither like or have any knowledge of.


I guess it’s got to the point where people will have to start investigating doctors to see what their political party affiliation is and how the view the 2A ! This is just another liberal,gungrabbers way of having as many lawabidding people as possible labeled a ‘prohibited person’ ! Lawabidding citizens need to start saying ‘due process’ as much as that liberal scum says ‘gun violence’ over and over !