Editorial Says Govt. Would Defeat Armed Rebellion by Making Major Cities Disappear

By David Codrea

Nuclear War
Goodbye, Dallas. You’re next, Atlanta. Armed resistance to demonic monsters who would do this is futile, so why even try? Right?
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “The idea of ‘armed rebellion’ in the U.S. is ludicrous,” opinion column writer Gregg Littell declares in The Union.

His stated intent is to debunk Ben Carson’s claim that “America will never suffer under tyranny because the people are armed.”

The reason, according to “gun owner and target shooter” Littell, is because unlike in Revolutionary War times, “the arms disparity between a ‘tyrannical government’ and citizens is so huge that the idea of ‘armed rebellion’ is ludicrous.

He keeps using that word.  After reading the rest of his insane rant, an Inigo Montoya line comes to mind. Because in the past, when subjected to “Resistance is futile” Borg declarations from “progressive” keyboard commandos pointing out the government, after all, has nukes, I’ve noted none of them ever seem to go beyond that platitude and flesh out the full scenario for us.

Refreshingly, Littell has no problem going full totalitarian:

Assuming the military was part of the tyranny (which it would have to be for tyranny to have any meaning), any rebelling national band of “patriots” would be told something like, “you either lay down your arms or the entire city of Dallas, Texas will disappear. You have one hour. If you continue, the next city to disappear will be Atlanta, Georgia.”

"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look back upon the Act depriving the whole nation of arms as the blackest."
“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look back upon the Act depriving the whole nation of arms as the blackest.”

No, Littell pontificates, the only thing that will save us from such ruthless tyranny would be to employ Gandhi’s tactics, as if totalitarians who would wipe out city after city in order to bend all to their will would suddenly be thwarted by peaceful refusals to report to work. That not only brings to mind Gandhi’s sentiments on government depriving people of arms, but also evokes a truism from colleague Mike Vanderboegh on his Sipsey Street Irregulars blog:

Had the Japanese got as far as India, Gandhi’s theories of “passive resistance” would have floated down the Ganges River with his bayoneted, beheaded carcass.

Still, Littell went to the trouble of outlining his “final solution” (how come those always seem, to involve mass exterminations?), so instead of just dismissing it outright, why not examine it?

I don’t know what makes him think the hotbed of militia activity is either Dallas or Atlanta. It seems the nuanced decentralized and distributed nature of modern resistance options vs. infantry squares escapes him, but if he thinks he’s going to wipe out opposition by vaporizing cities that respectively voted overwhelmingly for Obama and that both belong to Bloomberg’s Mayors Against (Your) Guns, he may want to reexamine his premises.

While he’s at it, he may also wish to explain to The Union readers why his grand plan for demanding obedience disproportionately kills minorities in comparison to demographics for the general population: Per 2010 race and ethnicity stats, non-Hispanic whites make up 63.7% of the U.S. population. In Dallas, they comprise and 50.7%, and in Atlanta, 41.8%. That’s a lot of black and brown people Littell envisions incinerated in order to force presumably white “patriots” to toe his line. A lot of Democrats, too, and a lot of politicians, police, teachers, doctors, firefighters, union members, children, elderly…

If that type of directed “collateral damage” doesn’t qualify as genocide/war crimes, then the concepts are meaningless. The U.S. government has come up with war justifications by accusing Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad of much smaller extermination efforts against “their own people.” What American wouldn’t take up arms against such monsters doing that on a huge scale here? Aside from traitors and despicable cowards?

And since Littell brought up the subject of the military carrying out his deranged little genocide fantasy, perhaps he could also address how the Uniform Code of Military Justice only requires obeying lawful commands, and how “I was just following orders” hasn’t worked since Nuremberg. Maybe, since he’s been so right about everything else, he could give us a credible estimate of how many would obey orders to level Dallas and Atlanta and more, as opposed to placing the crazy Commander in Chief proposing such insanity under arrest.

What makes him confident that service personnel – even those who aren’t active Oath Keepers – would set off nukes in places where many of them have family?

He might also let us know how many military personnel will have to be redeployed domestically from overseas and what will happen to the areas of operation they vacate (along with how that will impact U.S. foreign policy and strategic defense capabilities). It would probably also be a good idea to give a best guess about what opportunistic “competitors” Russia and China will be doing, as well as outright enemies like the Islamic State.

And we can’t forget the economic collapse.

It would be incalculable, enough to bring any administration down simply by the millions suddenly in the streets. And it will directly impact the guys who pull the politicians’ strings.

But the most insane disconnect from reality is that armed citizens wouldn’t stand a chance.  The guy has been wrong about everything else, so we might as well see if he’s finally on to something.

He may also wish to explain to The Union readers why his grand plan for demanding obedience disproportionately kills minorities in comparison to demographics for the general population.
He may also wish to explain to The Union readers why his grand plan for demanding obedience disproportionately kills minorities in comparison to demographics for the general population.

There’s something like 100M gun owners. A growing movement is built around the estimate that Three Percent of the population took to the field in the Revolutionary War, and that was enough to drive out the most powerful empire in the world.  Say that’s high, and let’s cut things back to just one percent.

That’s a million angry guys with guns, and they’re for the most part the serious ones, who have prepared and trained, many with extensive military backgrounds.

With the understanding that such citizens are everywhere, prepared to act on their own initiative on targets at times and places of their choosing, situations for the shot-callers and their functionaries, as well as those providing supplies and services to enable the logistics of a tyranny, suddenly become problematic. They also become personally dangerous, for them and for their protectors. And with up to 20% of cops going AWOL during times of localized trouble like Katrina, imagine how defections would grow if opposition sprang up everywhere, and if they had personal skin in the game.

Wait a minute – am I talking about assassinating politicians all the way to the top, along with bureaucrats, soldiers and police, and even civilian support personnel and facilities?  

Using Bill Clinton’s rules of engagement, we could even include enemy propagandists.

Hey, it’s not my scenario, it’s Littell’s. His hypothetical tyrants are vaporizing innocent human beings and leveling cities. They’re the monsters acting as domestic enemies, outside of the restraints (and the protections) of the Constitution, criminally depriving Americans of life, liberty and property.  Hell yes I’d shoot an evil mandarin or a thug minion doing that, and any politician, bureaucrat, citizen, solider or police officer worth his salt would be joining me.

So what chance would such a resistance stand, despite Littell’s “expert” opinion? Recall that Muhammad and Malvo kept the Beltway region in a panic for weeks, with the head LEO allowing his racial bias to expend resources looking for the wrong profile. Recall that cops in SoCal ended up shooting at newspaper delivery women in their panic, while the shooter they were looking for—one of their own, and a “gun control” advocate and Obama/Hillary admirer at that – eluded them in spite of letting everyone know who he was in a “manifesto.”

Now imagine a million armed Americans with better sense than that, intent on restoring the Constitution and capable of selecting legitimate oppressor, equipment and infrastructure targets supporting the bloodthirsty tyranny Littell envisions. There just aren’t enough bodyguards and sentries.

When I first ran across this “editorial,” I was hoping it was just a satire, and I’d somehow missed the point, but Littell has played “the nuclear card” before when advocating “common sense [gun] reforms” and disparaging armed resistance to tyranny. And what he doesn’t grok is that the line in the sand for those of us who will not comply is mass enforcement of the very edicts he endorses. That would not be possible without a nationwide program to collect the firearms and magazines he maintains would be useless.

No, to anyone contemplating that, including proponents of a nuclear deterrent. We will not comply. Your move.


David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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I have to laugh whenever anyone uses the “arms disparity” argument. All one has to do is look at the U.S. military experiences in VietNam, Iraq and Afghanistan to know that technological superiority is no match for a population dedicated to defeating an oppressor with whatever weapons are available. The whole purpose of guerrilla warfare is to harass and demoralize an opponent and then disappear into the cover of a normal seeming life. Guerrilla warriors in America could tie up a regular army with all its blockbuster bombs,cruise missiles, drones, Humvees and other paraphernalia as easily as the simple people… Read more »

John de Nugent

Unfortunately, I must disagree with the author and agree with Littell, whose Jewish ethnicity is by the way not being even mentioned. The bolsheviks rounded up wives and children of resistance fighters as hostages and shot them. The British did the same with Boer women and civilians, and 10,000 starved to death in what the British called “concentration camps” (their neologism). Eventually the Boer fighters came out, pitying their wives, sisters, mothers and kids, and laid their weapons down. As for military compliance, 1) our top ranks are now full of practicing satanists, pedophiles and homosexual militants ( I am… Read more »


What an idiot. I’ll bet he lives in a big city, but not Dallas or Atlanta. So all we’d have to do is to give the impression that the ‘resistance’ is active in DC, New York and Chicago. The more cities are destroyed, the less economy there is to support the tyrants, less friendly territory for them, less to rule and less safety. And it will turn everyone left against the government so that the tyrants and their minions and propagandists will be the only supporters surviving – but only until we find them.

Son of Liberty

Like so many genuinely hardcore, true-believer collectivists trumpeting this scenatio, he considers the lives of others – including the employees of the government, many of who live in cities – expendable for HIS cause. He is a mental masturbator at best. A coward at worst.


They keep forgetting that the Constitution is there to protect the politicians. It’s the only thing that makes their actions legitimate. Otherwise, they are merely tyrants seeking control.


It’s an interesting game. I’ve noticed that folks I’ve seen make this argument tend to be Democrats considering a Democratic takeover, for the good of the People. But; Suppose the political winds shift, and Republicans win big, to the point they gain a super majority in both houses of Congress, and the White House. Suppose that leads to a very conservative majority on the Supreme Court. And suppose religious conservatives take over the Republican Party; Suppose after a couple of election cycles Congress decides that, since they are writing laws based on the Ten Commandments, God doesn’t want them to… Read more »

Carl Gulledge

For this idiot that wants to destroy America, please let him begin. It is unthinkable that anyone in his right mind would even dream of these thi8ngs. I wonder if he thinks the gun owners of this wonderful country of ours will sit or stand by and let some asshole destroy that which so many brave military people have sacrificed their lives for. I served in the U.S. Army for 12 years before I received a medical discharge. I promise that I WILL NOT STAND BY AND LET THIS DIRT BAG RUN ROUGH SHOD OVER THE COUNTRY THAT I FOUGHT… Read more »

Rob M

if the govt destroyed cities. theyd only be hurting their corporate friends – not anyone who is willing to die for freedom anyway….lmao


I’m saying that destroying the big cities, i.e. LA, Chicago, Detroit would dramatically decrease gun violence. Thus, allowing the rest of us decent to live in relative peace.


Although I agree with most of what you write (although you forget that brevity is your friend), you forget the base rule: Don’t give them credence. Don’t acknowledge them. Ignore them.

Brent Bushardt

Mr. Codrea damn well said sir! I wish that I could write as you do, but I cannot. I am a simple man that served in the Army and one who has read a little about the unique character of the American Republic that I swore an Oath to defend. I am one of that 3% and I will proudly add my name to that list.

SGT Chas

All here might find it interesting that the destruction that will happen here was fortold long ago. You might enjoy this:


It doesn’t matter whether they threaten to level Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco, or Manhattan — every CITY they destroy just reduces America’s socialist quotient. Cities are easy, dipwads. Come out to where America’s spirit of resistance resides, and see how well you do there.


The government will threaten us with nuking major population centers?
Isn’t that akin to Japan in WWII threatening the US with the declaration that we be compliant or they would wipe out Germany?


A target rich environment..and GOD will not save those that are in the cross hairs…for they are the evil that must be cleansed….imho


Lets say that there are some out here that have amassed billions of “Dollars”. Now destroy the middle class and the economy, the “Dollar” now has no value, so if you are holding “Dollars”, what do you have? Nada, nothing, unless you are holding Gold. Then you better have it in your hand, not in some fund, or group holding it for you. Americans will not be slaves for someone who wants to be special. Individuals provide the food and electric grid, fuel, water. Try to get it on your own without help from the “little” people. Let me die… Read more »