Even in Montana FWP Region 6, Please be Bear Aware

Black Bear
Black Bear
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Montana -(Ammoland.com)- Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the Bureau of Land Management would like outdoor enthusiasts to be “Bear Aware,” even in Region 6.

Although bear encounters are rare in most of Region 6, there are currently some bears present in the Little Rockies and the Bears Paw Mountains.

In addition, bears are occasionally found wandering far from their traditional areas, and preventative measures should always be taken to prevent wildlife encounters.

FWP recently relocated a black bear that was rummaging through garbage cans at Camp Creek campground, located just outside of Zortman.  The BLM, who administers the Camp Creek campground, is removing the garbage cans and securing them in bear-proof trailers and buildings.  They have also posted signs around the campground.

It is unlawful to intentionally, or to inadvertently, feed bears.  When bears access garbage, they can become food conditioned and potentially be dangerous.  Wildlife officials often have to euthanize food-conditioned bears in the interest of public safety.  A much better option is to prevent bears from becoming habituated in the first place.

FWP and the BLM remind folks that live in areas where bears might be to always:

  • ü  Secure garbage inside a garage or secure shed
  • ü  Bring pet food in at night
  • ü  Clean up livestock food
  • ü  Bring in bird feeders, and clean up spilled seed


In addition, with the general deer and elk rifle season having opened on Oct. 24, hunters and other recreationists are reminded to properly store game meat, food, livestock feed, garbage, and all other attractants in a bear-resistant manner.  This will also discourage other wildlife, such as raccoons and skunks, from causing problems with your belongings as well.

There are many resources available to hunters and recreationists on ways to prevent bears interactions, some of which can be found at: fwp.mt.gov/fishAndWildlife/livingWithWildlife/beBearAware/.