Exploring the Quest for Elusive Smooth Hammerhead Sharks on “Blue Water Savages”

DENVER (Ammoland.Com) – Challenging everything currently known about sharks is Robin Berg, marine naturalist/conservationist and Eli Martinez, expert shark behaviorist, on their TV series, Blue Water Savages. On this week’s episode, Berg and Martinez head for southern California to gain insight into the elusive smooth hammerhead shark – the rarest of the three big hammerhead species. Tune in to see if the divers are successful – or if all the stories of aggressive smooth hammerhead behavior is just another fisherman’s tale – on Blue Water Savages exclusively on Outdoor Channel on Thursday, November 12 at 11 p.m. ET.

According to Berg and Martinez, the smooth hammerhead shark likes cooler waters and is coastal pelagic, meaning they are just as happy in 10 feet of water as 500 feet. The divers are lucky in a sense that El Nino has adjusted the water temperature off the coast of California, which has led to the increased migration of smooth hammerhead sharks to those California waters.

“Our goal is to get a sense of the smooth hammerhead’s personality by getting in the water with them and filming it all,” said Berg. “To do that, we must find where cool and warmer waters meet as the tuna will be swimming along that route. And where there’s tuna, there’s hammerheads.”

After a few close calls with potential sightings, the divers are frustrated, but not deterred. “All sharks are curious and we are having a hard time getting these smooth hammerheads to join our party,” continued Martinez as they lay out more frozen chum in the water. “Are the stories of aggressive hammerheads just another fisherman’s tale? So far, they have been very timid.”

The divers do find excitement with baby mako sharks that are biting at everything – including the boat’s ladder and divers. Berg and Martinez hope the makos get the hammerheads to come out of the murky depths to investigate.

Robin D. Berg is a former U.S. Navy deep-sea diver, a marine naturalist/conservationist, and an award winning producer/director who has dedicated his professional life to creating riveting television. Eli Martinez is the go-to expert on sharks, whose experiences with the creatures has landed him appearances on National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, and beyond. The two have joined forces as co-hosts of a new Outdoor Channel TV series: Blue Water Savages. The eight-episode season will take viewers on a journey into the sea to explore the surprising natural behavior of sharks and, more significantly, how human interaction directly disrupts that behavior.

Produced by Berg Entertainment International Inc. and VIZUALNOW, Blue Water Savages was developed to highlight fascinating shark behavior, and eliminate some of the mystique and trepidation that surrounds sharks. Since the release of the movie Jaws 40 years ago, many have developed an irrational fear of sharks. Blue Water Savages highlights the intrepid adventurers and shark experts that have dedicated their lives to peeling back the layers of mystery, revealing the species’ fascinating behavior, their raw power and the critical role they play in oceanic ecosystems.

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