How to Use a Goose Flag ~ Mossy Oak VIDEO Tips

Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear’s Combination Canada & Snow Goose Flag
Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear’s Combination Canada & Snow Goose Flag

Mossy Oak

WEST POINT, MS -( Video Tip from Mossy Oak Pro Staff Cory Dukehart

Mossy Oak Pro-Staff member Cory Dukehart shares tips on how to flag geese.

Cory shares some tips on the best practices to flag geese, why its important and what many hunters do wrong when flagging geese.

Cory Dukehart

Cory Dukehart
Cory Dukehart

Cory Dukehart is the Mossy Oak Waterfowl Regional Pro Staff Manager for the Atlantic Flyway. Born and raised in Maryland, Cory started tagging along on waterfowl hunting trips with his father at an early age. Even though he was only an observer and retriever on his first waterfowl hunts, he was hooked for life.

As he got older, Cory started getting more involved in waterfowl hunting. He is fascinated with the art of calling waterfowl and strives to improve his skills. Watching birds react to his calling is one of the most rewarding aspects of waterfowl hunting for Cory. He has hunted waterfowl all over the United States and in Canada and works at finding just the right calling technique in each area.

Cory started participating in waterfowl calling contests in 2006 and has already enjoyed success at several events. In 2007 Cory won the Virginia Waterfowlers Association Open Duck calling contest as well as the Pennsylvania Novice Goose Calling champion. In 2008, he won the Delaware Bay Open Novice Duck Calling Contest and in 2009 he became the Upper Bay Classic Duck Calling Champion. He has also placed high in a number of other events.

When not hunting waterfowl, you will find Cory in a deer stand in West Virginia or following his coonhounds named Boone and Crockett on a chase after raccoons in the hills of Maryland. He also spends time scouting his hunting areas looking for the best places to set up a decoy spread. Cory says pre-hunt preparation is as important as setting up a decoy spread and calling.

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