Huffington Post Embarrasses Itself With Racist ‘Mike the (fake) Gun Guy’

Mike Weisser
Mike Weisser “The Gun Guy”
National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

FAIRFAX, Va. –-( In response to the NRA and Wayne LaPierre’s October 27, 2015 video on “How to Stop Violent Crime,” The Huffington Post published an article titled “NRA Repeats Same Old Misleading, Racist Tropes in New Anti-Clinton Video.”

In this hit piece masquerading as journalism, the author — who, despite calling himself “Mike the Gun Guy” is about as much a gun guy as Rachel Dolezal is a black woman — accuses the NRA of being racist. Check out the clip in question.

The author writes: “The picture of ‘Darius Brown’ is actually a picture of Jamal Streeter, one of three young men charged in the murder of a 13-year-old teenager named Darius Brown. Oh well, if every young man of color is either a gangbanger or a thug, how hard is it to get them all mixed up?”

Here’s the problem with his claim though.

Darius Brown D-A-R-I-U-S — this kid — was a 13-year-old killed by Jamal Streeter and two other guys while playing basketball. However, De’Eris Brown D-E-‘-E-R-I-S — the person pictured in the Wayne video — is the person who killed 9-year-old Jamyla Bolden while she was doing her homework.

Ironically, the only person confusing every black person for looking the same is Mike “The Gun Guy” Dolezal and The Huffington Post, because in their childish attempt to expose the NRA’s supposed racism, they inadvertently showed their covert bigotry and lack of Google skills by confusing Jamal Streeter and De’Eris Brown.

Look, I’m so tired of these anti-gun mainstream media publications, personalities and politicians exploiting the racial sensitivities of black people in this country. Every two seconds the media is pressing their thumb into the open wound of our racial past in order to manipulate our emotions so they can maintain their perceived political plantation on the black opinion on every issue in this country.

This journalistic charlatan couldn’t take an extra three seconds to parse out which De’Eris Brown the NRA was talking about before swan-diving into his fake-ass white savior costume in a pathetic attempt to manipulate black people away from the gun-rights issue.

They do this constantly and I’m sick of it. I can’t even watch an impartial presidential debate so that I can make an intelligent, balanced decision about who to vote for, without liberal-leaning self- righteous moderators doing everything in their power to turn the GOP debate into a circus, while giving Democratic candidates the space and time to tell us their thoughts on issues unopposed.

You’re supposed to be journalists, not political activists or social media celebrities. You’re supposed to be giving me objective facts so I can make informed decisions about issues in this country whether they lean left, right or ride on jackasses or dumb-ass elephants. I don’t care about your opinion — give me balanced facts so I can develop my own.

This article, Mike the fake-ass gun guy and The Huffington Post are a joke. Not the, “hahaha that’s a really funny joke,” but the, “I can’t believe this is what passes for real journalism, sad clown joke.”

I am not an animal, I am not a child, I’m a free American who uses reason and logic to develop informed opinions. I don’t need you to pull the race card on my behalf. I’ve legitimately pulled mine many times without your help, so do me a favor and miss me with the fake outrage, because I don’t believe you, you need more people and besides, you’re engaging in the exact same racist behavior you’re accusing someone else of doing. And this type of hypocrisy is getting real old real fast.

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About Colion Noir

The enigmatic Internet sensation never holds back or stays between the narrow lines of political correctness. As a NRA News Commentator and the host of NOIR, his mission is to spread the facts about guns and hopefully change some minds. The practicing attorney, urban enthusiast and new face of gun culture didn’t pick up a firearm until later in life, and wasn’t pro-gun until the day he went to a range. “It was an eye-opener,” he said. The reality behind a firearm is, “It doesn’t have a soul, it isn’t evil, it’s just an inanimate object.”

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confiscators fail to mention where most of the crime is… in the cities with strict gun controls..the second amendment has nothing to do with aggression. its 100% self defense…of ones self ,family and country. our forefathers intended every violent aggressor to be gotten rid of..period!!!


Just proves that all DEMOCRATS are ignorant and anti American.


They know EXACTLY what they are doing as does our “president.” It is not dumb or ignorant behavior. Got to get rid of the guns before other “citizen benefiting things can be accomplished by government.” It is that simple, this is not rocket science.


Americans did nothing when the hearings were held when the media corporations started to merge. Now we have 4 that control the mainstream news, and they all lean left.


Rouge asks “how do we single out the murderous people from the rest of us?”. The simple answer is we cannot. There is no law, no test, no amount of waiting or screening that will filter all people with evil intent out of those who wish to buy or acquire firearms. We have to accept that there is evil in this world. We also have to stop wringing our hands over it, moaning and wailing “we must do something”. In truth, there is something we can do, prepare for it when it shows up on our doorsteps, our schools, our… Read more »

Guy Noir

The antis aren’t coming up with any effective and fair solutions. This definitely wasn’t a solution either.


I think many are well meaning but are delusional. Some people obviously should not have a gun. The problem of course is how do we single out the murderous people from the rest of us? If there is a solution we haven’t found one yet that does not punish the majority of honest, law abiding citizens. Those that want to perpetrate mass killings of course are really cowards and are not going to attack an armed force so they obviously go after groups that are unarmed, like a school. It’s a sad sad time in this countries history that we… Read more »

Native Son

In the minds of these Charlatans, Goebbels is still alive and well. They don’t believe we can see through their Cr#pola…….If you tell a lie often enough the ignorant masses will believe it’s the truth. These guys have never had a reality check.

Tom Stelene

In over 30 years of following the gun control debate I NEVER heard or read an anti-gun argument that is credible. What one would be, I cannot conceive. I conclude that believing the anti-gunners is like believing palm-readers and astrologers: they are shysters, period. Well, no; some aren’t shysters but are just delusional, to be fair to them! We cannot debate shysters and their delusional followers. Not possible. We can call them out on their B.S. and humiliate them and expose their stupidity and lies for all to see. That will end the inanimate object-control ‘debate’ in our favor.