I Won’t Change Because You Don’t Agree ~ VIDEO

I Won't Change Kevin Michalowski
I Won't Change Kevin Michalowski

U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Stop asking me to quit using “aggressive” words like “weapon” and “fight” when I talk about self-defense.

There is nothing politically correct about what we do. Everything we do needs to be morally correct, legally correct and technically correct, but I'm not here to make people happy or change my life because they don't like me.

If you give up using the word “weapon” because anti-gunners don't like it, will you give your weapon because anti-gunners don't like it?

Kevin Michalowski is currently the Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, a working law enforcement officer and a pistol instructor with certifications in five different areas of training. Into the Fray is a weekly video blog focusing on self-defense and the concealed carry lifestyle.

It will cover everything from defensive firearms use to the legal and ethical aspects of deadly force and its aftermath.


  • 9 thoughts on “I Won’t Change Because You Don’t Agree ~ VIDEO

    1. Some how I just can’t grab the concept of calling a weapon a tool. If I was an professional Sniper I could say my weapon is the tool of my trade but . Hummm ?? As far as political talk and offensive language, the left can go to hell and take all the ignorant democratic morons with them !! I flat out refuse to be politically correct! Actually, I go out of my way not to be. Stand your ground Keven, God Bless.

    2. Yep, at times even an Ambassador must use plain words to convey the current thought. I do NOT shy away from a LOT of words the left would throw rocks at me for using, but who cares. If it gives them nightmares, so much the better. But I don’t do it just to stir the pot, I only say what I mean in words that are difficult to misunderstand.

    3. What is really irritating to me is people who refer to firearms as tools !?!? Tools ? This is just plain stupid. When people call firearms tools the are pandering and mollycoddling the liberals. My firearms are weapons,not tools. It’s kinda like nobody dies anymore,we all pass away ! Give me a break !

    4. I agree with everyone about PC conversation and I use weapon all the time but technically a weapon is anything used to injury someone so a knife is also a weapon but surely a gun is not a knife
      So a gun CAN be a weapon but not all weapons are guns
      Dr D


      Especially, since so many of the Anti Gun folks have the Secret Service armed to the Hilt for life protecting them and their families that WE as TAX payers, at the POTUS level I heard the count was 450 agents.
      State gov’s about 14 State Police protecting the Gov on NY. The ones who don’t have Federal / State armed security
      who are in politics can afford their own Armed security and or maybe Anti Gun groups pay for their Armed protection.

      Especially in this Country’s present state of affairs, what makes the politicians feel their protection and / or their LIVES MATTER more then the Voters and Tax Payers who put them in office?
      I sincerely believe the people who are anti gun and NOT in politics are people who do not qualify to own a gun! and /or criminals who want the everyone disarmed to make their life easier!
      Plus many of the states with the Highest Murder rates have the worst Gun related crimes.

    6. i agree there is nothing wrong with speaking the truth if speaking the truth offends so be it be offended aint going to apologize for speaking the truth because we cant shouldnt and wont sugar coat it to please the ears of those that dont agree we have the right to have and own hand guns and more so weapons for our self defense and shooting first is better than getting shot in all reality alot of the time its not pretty and its reality

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