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Gun Freedom Radio Show
Gun Freedom Radio Show

Avondale, Arizona –  -( Guests:

  • John Marshall, Author of “101 Classic Firearms” & Blue Press Contributor, discussing the beauty and history of firearms.
  • Greg Hopkins, Author of “A Time To Kill: The Myth of Christian Pacifism”, self-defense from a Biblical perspective.
  • Alan Korwin, Owner of Bloomfield Press, Author of 14 books, Blogger, & Speaker, discussing gun rights.

Today’s show was introduced with Ronald Regan’s famous speech ‘Freedom is Never More Than One Generation Away from Extinction’. His message is more powerful than ever in light of the Paris Terrorist Attack. Freedom could possibly be only one terrorist attack away from extinction.

Dan and Cheryl discuss the Future of Freedom event presented by 960 The Patriot. The event featured Hugh Hewitt and Ann Coulter discussing the presidential candidates and the effect open boarders is having on the United States.

Army Veteran, John Marshall, Contributor to Blue Press and Dillion Precision, has written and photographed a beautiful coffee table book “101 Classic Firearms” ( ) . Marshall’s two favorite firearms are a 1911 Pistol by Master John Browning and an FP45 Liberator. The most valuable and unique featured weapon is a Krag Bowie Bayonet, which is featured on the back cover. Another favorite in his book is the Smith and Wesson 1940’s Light Rifle that is hanging in AZFirearms and owned by Danny Todd.
“101 Classic Firearms” available online or through or by calling 1.800.223.4570

Greg Hopkins discusses his book “A Time To Kill: The Myth of Christian Pacifism” ( )m  He discusses the fact that is not often taught but the Bible does tell us it is ok for us to defend ourselves and our neighbors. The 6th Commandment ‘You shall not murder’ does not translate to ‘You shall not Kill’. Hopkins explains the difference between murder and kill in biblical terms and how the bible states self-defense is a justified.”

“A Time To Kill: The Myth of Christian Pacifism” is available through Amazon and at book stores by Christmas.

Alan Korwin is the Owner of Bloomfield Press and author of 14 books, including “Arizona Gun Owners Guide”, “Gun Laws of America”, and “After You Shoot, Your Gun’s Hot, The Perp’s Not. Now What?” ( ) He is also a Blogger, Speaker, and Instructor and is famous for saying ‘Guns Save Lives’ and he is here to discuss gun rights.

Korwin reminds that the Second Amendment represents the balance of power. Because the Government is armed and the People are armed there is a balance of power and that is what has kept us free. Korwin shares that the government being anti-gun is the same thing as being anti-rights; The rights which are protected by the second, fourth, fifth, ninth and tenth Amendments. If these rights are infringed that is when the front end of our guns will come to bare to defend our rights.

Korwin discusses how the government wants to take our guns and gave the example of when this was done in Australia how hand gun crime skyrocketed by 300%. Korwin goes on to explain that it would be so much worse in the United States because we are nothing like Australia; They have 20 million people while the US has 320million. They only have five major cities, no real multi-cultural issues, and no ghettos. The US would have a multitude of challenges that Australia does not face so it would be a reasonable conclusion that our gun crime would spike even more severely.

All of Korwin’s books and the others he has published are available at

This week’s Responsibly Armed Citizen Report is in the form of advice of a new method to keep us safe against a shooter in a lockdown or gun free zone situation. It is Called A.L.I.C.E. which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. It was created by Joseph Hendry, a 22 year veteran of the Kent State Police Department. It teaches you to be prepared to distract the shooter by shouting, throwing things, and running around. This distracts the shooter and increases the chance of escape. It also teaches that if evacuation is not possible to charge the shooter to overtake him to limit casualties. When the victims unite and become unwilling participants lives are saved.

Dan’s Tip of the Week: Don’t be worried about being so politically correct that you don’t speak your mind. If you believe it stand up for it!

Closing: Pray for our Nation, pray for our leaders, be good to each other. God bless!

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