Los Angeles Bans HighCap Mags – 60 Days & NOT 1 Turned In – FU LA

By John Farnam

Come and Get Them
Los Angeles Bans HighCap Mags – 60 Days & NOT 1 Turned In – FU LA
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- City of Los Angeles Council Members recently passed an ordinance banning magazines that hold more than ten rounds.

Of course, that number will soon be reduced to six!

City residents were granted a “grace period” of sixty days within which to “turn them in,” or otherwise get rid of them. That period just expired.

During the sixty-day period, not a single one has been turned in!

Now obviously back-peddling, an apologetic LAPD Police Commander, sounding like a spider talking to a fly, said Angelenos can still surrender now-illegal magazines at any police station without fear of arrest.

Few apparently believe him!

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Of course, the ban has been challenged in court, particularly since double-faced council members who voted for it have specifically exempted themselves!

So, what happens now?

Nothing! It’s an election year.

With world events, along with violent domestic crime, spinning out of control, all under liberal “leadership,” Americans, even Angelenos, are in no mood to be told by liberal politicians that they are too stupid to own guns with the “normal-capacity” magazines for which they were designed.

As witnessed in CT, then NY, and now CA, Americans are becoming defiant, actively resisting leftist tyranny,

Imagine that!


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Los Angeles Bans HighCap Mags – 60 Days & NOT 1 Turned In – FU LA : https://goo.gl/j6ZqpU

About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit: www.defense-training.com

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Would my 90rd drum mags be OK in Kali.? They don’t like standard cap.mags.how would the SOB’s like those ?


well it wont be long now…the swat brigades will be showing up in armored vehicles…remember…the media is on their side, firearm owners wont be reported as defending rights..who knows what the media will conger up..

Dana King

I have craploads of 30 and 100 round magazines and live in the valley. Screw commiefornia and their commie anti-gun laws.

old vet

We once had a constitution that meant something. My only brother died in a B29 doing his part in protecting it. I followed suit and served but fortunately did not die in the process. I have shot guns since I was 6 (70 years ago) and bought a semi auto rifle at age 13 from Sears. I ordered it from their catalog. I never wanted to, or had to shoot at anybody. But in recent years, I have been face down on the floor with a cocked 45 in the back of my head. I would have shot that thug… Read more »


A need a magazine For RK4722 .22 25 rd


Why specifically did the LA city council exempt themselves from this ban? They should lead by example…. If Obama wants gun control, hos security detail should be disarmed to show the American public that he feels safe without weapons and soldiers protecting him.


Couldn’t agree with “Old Curmudgeon more. Half the people postng on here come across just like the Libtards we are hopefully all fighting against. We do need to come together to protect our common interests and quit with the juvenile bickering……….comes off sounding like a bunch of cackling hens.

Old Curmudgeon

It saddens me to read through these comments and see firearms enthusiasts fighting amongst themselves, calling each other names and playing “my state is better than your state” at a time we should really be coming together and working for the common good!! We are the minority in the population and will always be out-voted by liberal gun grabbers living closest to the country’s tallest buildings. It is time to work together to educate those voters who are reasonable enough to listen to our common sense approach to gun ownership and bring them over to our side. If we all… Read more »


Why aren’t California residents doing a recall on these politicians. I refuse to go back to California. Told family members I refuse to visit them as they live in a dictatorial state. I enjoy my right TKBA. I never leave home without my 45 and M4.


You ask why does CommiFornia keep electing these Libtards? Look at the population base. Big urban areas full of people (and I use that term loosly) taking largess from the government. Also the largest illegal population of any state. With legal relatives that like to get free stuff and have their illegal relates also get free stuff. With no risk. Aka, sanctuary state/cities. The people have learned the Democrat party is the party of free stuff. That is the only explanation of how O got reelected.


As I set here reading these comments I see a lot of finger pointing and nothing positive. Recently we here in Pa. had an election of officials I was surprised to see in my district my number was 173 out of 2000 people in my district that voted that was fifteen minutes before the poles closed……Maybe that is how these people control the government? Think about it.. If that is how these liberals get in office then we have to blame the people that don’t vote or think there vote won’t count, by the way democrats won what a shame… Read more »


Goofy city council! … And after 34years with the city I DROVE as fast as I could to another state to live ,….. In your ass L.A. ,


Good resist the leftist nuts, I live in Los Angeles and its hard to get a firearm, there’s crimes committed by stupid thugs eveytime, if the police would arm us we would have done away with these useless eaters.


How would they know who has 30 rnd mags or not. ????


And if you have to hit more than one something, it’s just your tough luck, right?

multi target

“reasonable law” there is no such thing coming from the LA gov


Seems like a reasonable law. If you cannot hit something with just 10 rounds, you should turn in your guns.

VT Patriot

I got my laughs for today. I’ve watched neighboring states like NY and CT with their ‘required’ registration and turn in’s wind up in never -never land. The cops in both states decided they did not want to be the first to try to raid a home and look for “assault” rifles and magazines. They’re waiting for their governors to be the first to attempt it. But, they do have a fund for flowers for the funeral of he that tries first. In Ct, something like 48,000 sheeple stood in line to hand in or register. CT is the historical… Read more »

Henry Molinar

I stand corrected…Article I read was from 2013..Florida, Texas and California have the highest rate of populace in the military..California was up there..

As for the libertard Governor, State Reps and Mayors being voted into office…..
Same way POTUS is in office…what can I say..
I’m a conserve who believes in God, Guns and the Constitution! !!

Tim Toroian

If they go looking for them will they get a search warrant just for gun owners or everybody in L.A/ And why the HELL were they permitted to exempt themselves? They’re in company with the clowns in D.C.


A large majority of gun owners throughout ca have high cap mags and will never turn them in.

Amazing G

Wouldn’t the LA city council exempting themselves from the ban be a violation of the equal protection clause of the Constitution and therefore unconstitutional? Anyway, I think we can all agree that no takers on their mandatory turn-in is pretty hilarious.


If the government says you shouldn’t have them then you most definitely should and lots of them. come get them bullets first lol


Henry, we realize PRK is not all Libtards , that said…..could you explain why the vast majority vote Libtard? From your retarded Governor to you State reps in Congress, and most of your Mayors…. Are Libtards!


To the council members : not only do I make my own explosives, I am wearing them m


Funny, that makes me think better of Californians than I did before. And I enlisted in the Marine Corps years ago. Enlisting is not a sign of virtue, it is a sign of being a dumb ass. Military service does not protect freedom; it enhances the empire.


We left the DPRK (Demokratik Peoples’ Republik of Kalifornia) in 1992. The relief was akin to taking a dump after driving 500 miles.


Henry Molinar – Actually, California has the 53rd LOWEST per capita rate of military service in the United States. Yes, 53rd in a country of 50 states. Even DC, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam have higher enlistment rates than California. Only Michigan and Puerto Rico have lower rates than California, so there’s your brag: You beat Michigan and Puerto Rico to take 53rd out of 55. Congratulations.

Charlie King

[p]articularly since double-faced council members who voted for it have specifically exempted themselves!

Wow! How much more hypocritical can you get? Do as I say, not as I do? Do the council members carry their own weapons?


Nope, I wont be turning in anything. I am moving in a few months and if they think I am going to comply and let them take ONE MORE THING from me, they are crazy.


Then why in Hell did you let them pass all this “gun control” bullsh*t?

did you see anyone get to vote on it?

TSgt B

Then why in Hell did you let them pass all this “gun control” bullsh*t?

David in San Diego

This comes as no surprise to me. Most of my friends in L.A. who own guns bought them in the wake of the 1992 riots. I saw several people change overnight from being neutral or negative about firearm ownership to owners of multiple weapons.


: Yours is a terribly ignorant statement. People who support the Second Amendment don’t live in California in the first place.


Move to Oregon you oppressed California residents! I have a full-auto glock, MP-5 and m-16 rifle, two suppressors, and 100 round drums. Theres nothing like firing a MP-5 full auto and suppressed. All legal in Oregon.

Henry Molinar

Yea that’s ridiculous….
We here in PRK no how to use and keep AR15’S and the like…remember….here in PRK are the most populace in the state of the Union and therefore have the highest populace of men and women who serve in the best military in the the world..just because you see one or two libertard tree huggers from California, doesn’t mean we all are….


So Wilson, you are stupid enough to blame the hard-working people in the California tourism field for ridiculous gun laws? By your response, maybe California shouldn’t have sent help to battle the Canyon Creek wildfires in your precious state. Should have let that motherfer burn! Oh, and where did that food that you bought to support your sh*t-spouting piehole come from? I’m pretty sure not all of it came from your precious state. Let’s take a look at some issues that Oregon shares with California: 1. Senate Bill 941- regarding private gun sales, 2. Has Oregon had a shooting at… Read more »

Wilson Clow

Use the correct term the People Communist Republic of California PCRC is what we call it next door in Oregon do not go there do not spend a dime there kill their Tourism every time you get a chance let them know you are not coming or spending as long as they are an anti-gun anti-American Communist State.


Don’t trust them. Keep your arms you may need them if we keep on this path. Real trouble will start when they try and confiscate all guns. Fight for your constituents right to protect yourselves.


hahahaha, steve got trolled….LoL


If the geologists and seismologists are correct this will all be beyond moot when the next big earthquake dumps California into the Pacific ocean.




Humor, Steve. Look it up….

…probably have a lot lower blood pressure and stress in your life that way.

Ron Cash

Sorry need to correct you, it is Comi-fornia, not Kalifornia!! PRC instead of PRK.

I think Comi-fornia is more accurate!!


I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Hank’s comment was sarcasm.


@Hank: That is the most ignorant statement I have ever read. Do you REALLY believe that people in PRK do not know how to release a magazine on an AR-15? Regardless if it is a new weapon with the “bullet-button”, or a grandfathered in weapon without the button, magazines slide in and out the same way. What you do not realize is the people that own them are either 2nd Amendment advocates, who have experience with the weapon, or military vets, like myself, that have fired weapons you probably have only creamed your jeans about.


Considering the goofy captive magazine catch ARs are required to have in CA, perhaps those with 30 rd. mags can’t figure out how to get them off the gun.

That Bad Man Jose

As far as I know there are no 30 round .223 mags in the entire Peoples Republik of Kalifornia (PRK). However there do seem to be some 10 round .458 SOCOM [11.63 x 40 mm] mags available.