Man Pleads Guilty to Possession of 65 Grouse in Phillips County, Montana

Man Pleads Guilty to Possession of 65 Grouse in Phillips County, Montana
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Montana -( Mernice P. Alkire (72) of Mesa, Ariz. was charged with violations involving unlawful possession of game birds, waste of game birds, and taking an over limit of game birds in Phillips County.

Alkire was found with 65 sharp-tailed grouse in his possession.          

FWP game wardens from Region 6 conducted a search warrant, revealing the over possession limit of grouse and waste of game bird violations.

The legal possession limit for sharp-tails is 16. “With such a gross over possession limit, many opportunities were taken away from the hunting public,” said Malta-area warden Ben Morin.

Alkire plead guilty to $605 in fines and $825 in restitution.  He also lost his privileges to hunt and trap for 24 months in Montana and all 48 states that are members of the Interstate wildlife Violator Compact.

Bird hunters are reminded to look at current regulations for the daily and possession limits for the species they are hunting.

Hunters also must retain identification on game birds that are harvested while being transported, or until they have reached the permanent residence of the processor.  For sharp-tailed grouse, sage grouse, mountain grouse, and Hungarian partridge, a wing must remain naturally attached.  Pheasants must have one leg naturally attached for proper identification.

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not much of a deterrent, should be double that at least.