National African American Gun Association Making Waves

Fast Growing New Firearm Organization making a Splash – National African American Gun Association

National African American Gun Association
National African American Gun Association

Atlanta, Georgia – A new national Firearms Organization has arrived and is making its presence felt in the pro gun civil rights community.

The National African American Gun Association started in February of 2015 has already seen considerable and exponential growth Nationwide since its start.

African American Gun Black
The organization is seeking to introduce Guns and Firearms Safety to African Americans for home protection, competitive shooting, and outdoor recreational activities.

The organization is seeking to introduce Guns and Firearms Safety to African Americans for home protection, competitive shooting, and outdoor recreational activities. Ther  National African American Gun Association provides a Network and Hub for all African Americans firearm owners, Gun Clubs, and outdoor enthusiasts. Issues ranging from Gun Safety, training, purchasing a Gun, home defense, social issues, and Firearm Legislation are addressed. The organization welcomes people of all religious, social, racial, and political perspectives.

A welcoming philosophy has helped quickly grow a membership that is 15% white and 60% women ( fastest growing demographic within the organization ). They have members from every State within the USA and continually growing.

The organization was founded by Philip Smith who serves as the President. He is an African- American Gun enthusiast. He founded and started NAG with the primary goal to expose, educate, and motivate as many African American men and women to go out and purchase a Firearm for Self- Defense and to take training on proper gun safety and shooting.

Additional plans for the organization are:  5k Run event, Scholarships for High School Seniors planning to attend college, free Firearm Safety courses, Hunting events, and starting competitive shooting Teams.

Any companies seeking to support NAG with advertise please contact immediately. Email: [email protected]

Everyone is encouraged to join and participate

Membership: Free to Join


Organizational Quote:

“True freedom for any person should be judged by the ability to protect him or herself within that Society” ~ .Philip Smith

  • 27 thoughts on “National African American Gun Association Making Waves

    1. Some people can find negaitive things to say about anything. Thanks for starting this group. Can you please direct me to a similar training in the San Francisco/Oakland Ca. area? Thanks

    2. This country will stay divided as long as Americans put a hyphen in front of their name. The use of the term African American did not start in this part of the country until approximately thirty years ago. I watched on TV one time where brown (most are brown not black) Americans did not consider a white guy that was born in Africa to be an African American. Go figure.
      Most people know my opinion about what makes an American so I will not repeat myself. Merry Christmas!

      1. You make a very important observation. I have always believed that American Aboriginals put themselves at peril when they refer to themselves as African-American. The term was rejected in large by our society and was implemented through a special council facilitated by the early Black Caucus and self proclaimed, Negro leaders like Jesse Jackson. Personally, I self describe as ‘Negro’ because it was what the early white colonists called us when they arrived on our shores. Certainly, there is more to our identities than that – whole languages, customs and traditions lost in the wake of the white man’s civilization. My advice would be to rename this club: The American Negro Gun Association (or perhaps I could start my own chapter under that name). All things considered, the founding of this org. is well aligned with our interests of self preservation and survival and I would gladly support its proliferation.

    3. I looked at joining their organization however I feel their application is a bit too intrusive into my privacy. It is none of their business what type of firearm i own or my area of interest regarding firearms. Those questions are forced answer and required. They don’t even seem to have an appropriate category for me to put. Unfortunate as I will not divulge that information and therefore cannot join them. Looks like they are free (until 1/2017) because they are gathering data on members (directed advertizing purposes such as selling their member list to self defense courses, completions, etc?) unlike the NRA which doesn’t ask for more than name, address, payment info, and what magazine you want.

    4. How I define myself is really nobody else’s concern, maybe people should worry about themselves instead worrying about what the f**k black people or african american call themselves. what the f**k do you care for any way? tend to your own f**king business.

    5. In the Marines we were taught that “all Marines are green”. That said I applaud this emphasis on firearm skills, safety and ownership by members of the Black community. My hope is that it will better illuminate for many African-Americans the conservative political view toward protection of their 2nd Amendment rights.. This sniping at someone’s preferred cultural identity serves no good purpose.

      1. Another Jarhead here, with mega dittos for the above statement from Anthony Minichini. Ideally, I prefer to see more black people and women participating in the traditional associations, like the NRA, and local gun clubs (and that is something that has been growing for years) but I can appreciate that some might feel the need for a 2A organization with an explicitly black perspective. I never really got the need for the Black Shopping Network, either, but I guess it fills a similar need. In any event, the more pro-2A groups the better. Whether you are a black, white (or any other color) person who supports the Second Amendment, you should check out a video provocatively entitled “No Guns for Negroes,” which is an excellent overview of the great difficulties black people have faced in seeking to defend themselves and their loved ones in the years since Reconstruction following the Civil War. Last I knew, it was available through the website of the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO).

    6. I wish this label would go away. It is pointless. As an American citizen you are “an American” – doesn’t matter what color or race you are!

      So who would be an “African American”? A dark skinned Caucasian from Egypt? A pinkish Caucasian from South Africa? A Negro from Nigeria, or perhaps even a Mongoloid born in Uganda. All now US citizens.

      How in the world did the term “African” get to only apply to Black Negroes?
      Lets add to that all the Black Caucasians in Northern India – they have Caucasian features, but are as Black as Black can be!

      Can we please just ALL be AMERICANS? And the good Americans stand together united against the evil forces permeating the very fabric of this great nation. United, together, we will be that much stronger and more effective.


      1. Just curious, have you expressed this same displeasure to those that refer to themselves as Italian-American, Polish-American, ect.?

    7. 2nd Amender wrote: “Every man has the Right to Protect Himself, His Family, and Those whom he considers important and worthy of his attentions”

      I would submit that he also (and, for me, more importantly) has a DUTY before our Creator to protect kith and kin.

    8. My friend tells me its Black capital B . I tell him it’s ok it’s Cracka big C. But all we see is green , how much money can we get from people.

    9. It’s a great thing to see the African American community in joining the rest of us good law abiding Citizens in our rights to self defense and the fight against the socialist gun grabbing liberals. Keep up the good work and train your members well in gun safety and home and personal defense, it will pay off for them should they need to use their training!

    10. Glad That Anyone and everyone can be educated and trained in self defense and defending their home and families…
      My only wonder is why these same people do not turn to the NRA and other gun groups who offer the same training…. In the way this ORG. is advertizing they are almost promoting that the Other groups are Racist …. And statements like “from the Black perspective…” ARE Racist and ridiculous, because defense of self, family and home is universal, not race related or location related….

      If they think these other gun groups are prejudice, I think they are listening to Liberal BS and believing it…
      Or maybe I am WRONG and since I am of German ancestry, I should start the “German Gun Association of the World”….or “German American Gun Association”…. Wonder how well that would go over ????? And what happened to “United WE Stand” …….. and “ONE NATION”…………………………………………………
      Just asking and really don’t really want to hear all your trash responses, cause all they are is trivial dribble excuses….

      1. As a American most likely of African decent, I find many organizations difficult to join because at some point their ethos makes me uncomfortable. The NAAGA moniker makes me uncomfortable because I do not want to limited and marginalized, but I support it at the same time. It would be naive to think that many groups exclude the American Negro. I will join and send my money in hopes that this group grows and has a presence in the legal landscape. I am American, I armed, I am responsible; “Come and take it”. I will not be limited due to the color of my skin.

    11. Just curious, what country in Africa was Mr. Smith born in? I have a friend, Takumba, he was born in Kenya. Then I have some Black friends who were born in Oakland. Takumba calls himself an African-American, my other friends just call themselves Americans.

    12. Every man has the Right to Protect Himself, His Family, and Those whom he considers important and worthy of his attentions……..the gun is only one of the tools with which he can attain comfort in those things, but it is the one which allows him the most strength, and which his enemies fear.

    13. Congratulations and keep up the good work! The more we can educate, the less fear and misunderstanding there will be about firearms. Another national organization showing support for our 2nd Amendment Right is great, and moving forward will make us all stronger as we struggle to protect this very important right!

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