National Survey: What to Watch on TV?

What to Watch on TV?
What to Watch on TV?
C Products Defense
C Products Defense

Conklin, NY -( Even though a very liberal press says that the Republican presidential debate is “the thing” to watch on television tonight, a poll of over 750 shooting sports enthusiasts (and loyal History of the Gun television viewers) conducted yesterday, indicates that the majority will be watching History of the Gun and DVRing the debate on Tuesday evening.

Of the 760 polled, by American Outdoors using SurveyMonkey, who planned on at least some television viewing Tuesday night, 46% indicated they would be watching History of the Gun on Dish Network at 8:00 pm (Ch 266) and DVRing the debate (or some other programming), 33% indicated they would be watching NCIS on CBS and DVRing History of the Gun, 14% said they would be watching the debate and DVRing other programming, the remaining 7% were scattered among other shows.

“Although the poll was directed at our loyal viewers,” said Bill Rogers, Executive Producer of History of the Gun, “We were very excited to see how loyal our viewers actually are. A combined 79% would either be viewing History of the Gun or DVRing it to watch later.”

History of the Gun airs to over 38 million viewers in the United States syndicated to stations across the U.S. and can also be seen Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm on the Hunt Channel on Dish Network, Channel 266. More details about each episode can be seen at the Hunt Channel website:

History of the Gun is truly an international show and is also available to over 14 million viewers in Canada and over 12 million viewers in Europe on WILD-TV, Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm. A Channel Guide and detailed episode information of History of the Gun on WILD-TV can be found on their website:


Of the small sample surveyed (760 from the shooting sports industry), 380 were firearm instructors, 227 were firearm retailers and the remaining were shooting sports enthusiasts from different parts of the industry.

“I think the show has been embraced by the shooting sports community because of a couple of simple factors,” indicates Rogers. “First of all, everyone enjoys history and the evolution of anything mechanical and secondly, the new technology and the in-depth factory tours that’s such a staple on the show, gives the viewer a rare insider’s view on how these master pieces are engineered and manufactured. Throw in some shooting, some scholarly commentary and weekly trivia and you have a formula for a great show.”

In case viewers have missed any episodes or would like to see them again, direct links to each past episode (half hour) in full HD can be found on the C Products Defense website:

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