New Jersey: “Smart Gun” Legislation Passes Senate Committee

New Jersey
New Jersey
NRA - Institute for Legislative Action
NRA – Institute for Legislative Action

Fairfax, VA -( On Monday; Nov. 16, the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee passed Senate Bill 3249 with a partisan 3-2 vote.

As previously reported, S. 3249, sponsored by state Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-37) and state Senator Richard Codey (D-27), would repeal the ban on traditional handguns from New Jersey’s 2002 “smart gun” law.

However, this legislation includes a provision to REQUIRE all New Jersey firearms dealers to stock and display “smart guns” for sale.

This misguided mandate would be similar to the government forcing your local auto dealer to offer new self-driving car technology for sale regardless of consumer demand or viability.

This effort to force the adoption and use of “smart guns” by mandating that firearms dealers stock them in inventory suggests that politicians will once again pursue a ban on traditional firearms in the future.

Please contact your state Senator today and urge them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 3249. You can do so by clicking here or the button above.

About the NRA-ILA:

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First thought is that any gun dealer who is forced to have these guns for sale face possible legal problems if they sell a product that has NOT proven to be 100% reliable.If some fool buys one of these guns and it fails to fire when needed, whose fault is it for that? is the the dealer or the state who forced him to sell it. Also I read a test on a “Smart Gun” recently. It was not anything I would want to own for any reason. Too expensive, too unreliable, to weak a gun for self defense. Why… Read more »


New Jersey’s State seal says “Liberty and Prosperity.” What a freaking joke! You folks have neither.


NJ is what we call a lost State. There is absolutely nothing that will turn it around. You folks that live there have two options; continue to live under tyranny or plan for the day when you can move to a free State. And by free State don’t plan on PA or VA. In a few years the metro areas of those States will be blue enough to sway the rest of the State. Best look much further out for continuing freedom.