Outdoor Channel’s “Blue Water Savages” Swims with a Record Mako Shark

Outdoor Channel’s “Blue Water Savages” Swims with a Record Mako Shark on Thursday, November 19 at 11 p.m. ET
Outdoor Channel’s “Blue Water Savages” Swims with a Record Mako Shark on Thursday, November 19 at 11 p.m. ET
Outdoor Channel TV
Outdoor Channel TV

Denver, CO -(AmmoLand.com)- Robin Berg, a former U.S. Navy deep sea diver and marine naturalist/conservationist, and Eli Martinez, the go-to expert on shark behavior, intentionally dove into the water with a monster mako shark in order film its behavior for their TV series, Blue Water Savages.

The result of this dangerous expedition was the filming of what is believed to be the largest mako shark ever captured by an underwater camera team without using a cage. Tune in to see this rare super predator’s personality react to the divers in Blue Water Savages exclusively on Outdoor Channel on Thursday, November 19 at 11 p.m. ET.

On September 24, 2015, just off the coast of Southern California, Berg and Martinez jumped into the water with the majestic mako shark, which was a battle scarred female measuring more than 11 feet long and weighing an estimated 900-1,000 pounds. Just 40 miles off the coast, in the area known as the Southern California Bight, is monster mako country with sharks ranging in size from nine feet to more than 12 feet and from 700 to 1,300 pounds.

“Monster makos are on a totally different level than 200- or even 500-pound mako sharks. They aren’t eating fish anymore – they are going after mammals such as sea lions and dolphins,” stated Berg. “And that makes them dangerous. A 1000 pound mako will run anything down, they are unmatched in terms of speed and power”

The divers’ goal was to first find a monster mako since, as Martinez puts it, the bigger the shark, the more wary the shark.

“After we find a shark, we then see if it will let us get in the water with it. Will it come at us? Will it take off? That’s what I want to know,” concluded Martinez.

Mako sharks are highly intelligent with fisherman’s tales ranging from sharks coming out of the water, peering at their boats to makos circling their prey for weaknesses. Martinez explains that of the 400 different species of sharks, makos have the ability to warm up their brain and eyes, which allows them to travel in colder water and still be able to think and hunt their prey.

As the sun started to set on the five miles of chum slick the divers have set out, Berg and Martinez spotted an 11-foot female mako cruising around the boat. Since her temperament seemed more curious than predatory, the divers dropped in the water and filmed this super predator of the sea for more than one hour.

“Every time she came by us, I had to catch my breath at how long she really is,” exclaimed Berg. “The whole encounter was amazing. She was curious and calm – and we were calm right back at her – that made a big difference. She wasn’t interested in the chum we had around us, but did explore my underwater camera a couple times with her mouth – as long as it wasn’t me, I’m ok with that!”

Tune in to watch the unprecedented footage taken by Berg and Martinez as they work to learn more about the lord of the sea – the monster mako shark, on Blue Water Savages, exclusively on Outdoor Channel.

Robin D. Berg is a former U.S. Navy deep-sea diver, a marine naturalist/conservationist, and an award winning producer/director who has dedicated his professional life to creating riveting television. Eli Martinez is the go-to expert on sharks, whose experiences with the creatures has landed him appearances on National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, and beyond. The two have joined forces as co-hosts of a new Outdoor Channel TV series: Blue Water Savages.The eight-episode season will take viewers on a journey into the sea to explore the surprising natural behavior of sharks and, more significantly, how human interaction directly disrupts that behavior.

Produced by Berg Entertainment International Inc. and VIZUAL NOW, Blue Water Savages was developed to highlight fascinating shark behavior, and eliminate some of the mystique and trepidation that surrounds sharks. Since the release of the movie Jaws 40 years ago, many have developed an irrational fear of sharks. Blue Water Savages highlights the intrepid adventurers and shark experts that have dedicated their lives to peeling back the layers of mystery, revealing the species’ fascinating behavior, their raw power and the critical role they play in oceanic ecosystems.

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