SCI Foundation Scholarships Support 25 College Students

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Washington, DC ( Joseph Hosmer, President, Safari Club International Foundation (SCI Foundation), announced today that for the third consecutive year SCI Foundation and SCIF Sables awarded scholarships to African students studying conservation and anti-poaching at the Southern African Wildlife College.  This year four students in the Higher Education and Training Protected Management program received SCI Foundation scholarships.  Since this scholarship was established ten students were awarded scholarships.  SCI Foundation and Sables (SCI members that have oversight of SCI Foundation education programs) support sustainable management of wildlife around the world through education programs.

The Hunter Legacy 100 Fund was the first to join Sables efforts, through a grant, in establishing scholarships at the Southern African Wildlife College.   Sables and HLF believe anti-poaching can be successful when the people of African nations have educated and trained professionals on the ground to manage wildlife and to enforce anti-poaching of wildlife in their countries.

Sables raise funds for SCI Foundation Education programs that include conservation education for youth and for educator professional development as well as more college scholarships.

In addition to scholarships at the SAWC, Sables have well-established fully endowed hunting heritage scholarships at five universities in the United States.  They include West Virginia University, Unity College, Texas A & M, Kingsville, University of Idaho and the University of Montana.  These provide scholarships for young women, junior or senior, majoring in wildlife conservation fields of study.   These endowed scholarships currently represent a $605,088 long term investment.

A new SCI Foundation endowed scholarship is established at Hamline University Law School in partnership with the SCI Minnesota Chapter.  This scholarship is for law school students with a demonstrated interest in hunting and fishing, supporting the use of hunting as a tool for sustainable wildlife management and conservation, and preserving hunters’ rights.

College students attending sixteen separate universities received Conservation scholarships from SCI Foundation in 2015. These students are majoring in a conservation related field of study and are undergraduates. Graduate and doctoral students are now eligible to apply for these scholarships.

There are currently 25 college students receiving Sables and SCI Foundation Scholarships this year totaling $64,121. Education is the future of conservation and hunting and these scholarships support the SCI Foundation mission.

To learn how to apply for one of these scholarships contact the SCI Foundation Education Department at (520) 620-1220.


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