Score Your Rack and Share the Results with Realtree’s New Online Antler-Scoring Tool

Realtree: Antler-Scoring Tool
Realtree: Antler-Scoring Tool

Columbus, GA -( With Realtree’s new online Antler-Scoring Tool, you can score your rack quickly and easily and then share the results with a cool graphic image through social media.

Realtree’s Antler-Scoring Tool provides a handy step-by-step process with video tutorials for easily scoring your rack. Simply upload the measurements online and click “submit” for an accurate score.

Once you get your score, you can share it directly to social media via Facebook with an automated image. You can also upload a photo of your buck for an image of the score superimposed directly on top of the photo.

Developed by Gray Loon Marketing Group, this responsive tool works on all devices, whether in the field, in camp or at home.

For the old-school types who could care less about social media and prefer to use pen and paper instead, a printable score sheet is available.

“We wanted something that was easy to use, that gives you the growth score quickly and takes all of the confusion out of scoring,” Tony Hansen, editor, said. “You can then show off your deer to friends and family with a super cool image displaying its score. There’s no other antler-scoring tool like it on the Internet.”

The Realtree Antler-Scoring Tool asks the hunter to measure the inside spread, length of abnormal points, length of main beam, length of points and include the mass measurements for an accurate score.

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