Snake River Shooting Announces Partnership with Team Never Quit and Axelson Tactical

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Snake River Shooting Products announces partnership of the “Team Never Quit” ammo brand along with Axelson Tactical and their brand of firearms and associated products!
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Emmett, ID -( Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting Inc. (SRSP) is honored to announce a partnership with Axelson Tactical, manufacturer of custom and production precision firearms, along with veteran tribute rifles and handguns.

SRSP manufactures the “Team Never Quit” ammunition line in partnership with retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell of Operation Red Wings (Lone Survivor). They produce the best possible ammunition with the cutting edge technological innovations demanded by the industry’s top professionals.

The “Team Never Quit” and Axelson Tactical product lines were founded upon the American warrior spirit that has fought to preserve freedom for generations. That spirit is combined with state of the art technological advancements that the best of the best demand.

Both SRSP and Axelson Tactical share a passion, focus, and drive to support the mission of the veteran foundations they support through their proven precision products.

Axelson Tactical is run by CEO Jeff Axelson, brother to Navy SEAL, Matthew “Axe” Axelson. He and his family launched the company in honor of “Axe” (the same nickname his father Cordell acquired fighting in Vietnam), and to continue to honor his legacy, and those warriors like him, who lived the “Never Quit” life style.

The Never Quit life style, supported by a family of associated brands (Team Never Quit Ammo, Axelson Tactical, Reaper Outdoors, Ledwave, and SEAL-1), drives them to take everyday to its fullest attempting to live lives worthy of those lost, and the generation of warriors who will follow. This steadfast spirit of pursuing and protecting freedom and family is what encompasses all they do.

On June 28, 2005, Marcus Luttrell, and three other SEALs, were assigned to “Operation Red Wings”, a mission to kill, or capture, Ahmad Shah (nom de guerre Mohammad Ismail). He was a high-ranking Taliban leader responsible for the killing of US troops in eastern Afghanistan, an area known, since Alexander the Great, as the “Hindu-Kush”.

The SEAL team was made up of Marcus Luttrell, Michael “Murph” Murphy, Danny “DJ” Dietz and Matthew “Axe” Axelson. A group of goat herders stumbled upon the SEALs. The four SEALs immediately took control of the situation and discussed what to do with the herders. The herders were subsequently released and disappeared down the mountain.

Luttrell believed they immediately betrayed the team’s location to local Taliban forces, and within an hour, the SEALs were engaged in an intense gun battle. In the ensuing battle, Murph, DJ, and AXE were killed along with a QRF of 16 Special Forces in a helicopter. Following his physical recovery from Operation Red Wings, Marcus Luttrell returned and completed one more tour before being medically retired.

Marcus then wrote the book, Lone Survivor, to honor the amazing story of his brothers who paid the ultimate sacrifice. In 2013, Lone Survivor became a major motion picture staring Mark Wahlberg.

“We are honored to partner with so many patriots to highlight, and keep alive, the memories of the fallen. We give back through our businesses to those who have served and sacrificed so much in the name of freedom around the globe. The Team Never Quit family, and brand, is about much more than just producing great products. Joining forces with the Axelson family is the most natural fit we could imagine!” said Casey Betzold, President of Snake River Shooting Products. “Through Marcus’s Team Never Quit ammo, Axelson Tactical, and the other associated brands Snake River is manufacturing or working with, we are able to support and raise awareness for veterans and the needs of veteran families.”

“Our brand is built to protect freedom and family. Everything we do is focused on carrying on the legacy of Matt and his brothers. Creating weapons, running a company, and living lives that emulate the constant quest for perfections and dauntless courage they conquered life with. We are 100% in all the time, and never, never… never quit,” stated Jeff Axelson – CEO of Axelson Tactical. “We are excited to align our brands with Snake River and Team Never Quit to accomplish a parallel mission in supporting our Veterans and their Families.”

The combined current focus is on the “Team Never Quit” ammunition product line. A technologically advanced product line geared for increased duty and training with impressive ballistic capability and increased safety. The products are designed to reduce the risk of collateral damage for Law Enforcement and Self Defense in situations associated with the active shooter scenarios we unfortunately continue seeing, and are applicable in all self defense situations.

As discussions continue to get more fervent on gun control, driven by active shooters, both SRSP and Axelson have been focused on anything that could be done to incentivize more dynamic training opportunities. The need for developing a defensive ammunition product focused at defense in these situations is imperative.

“Often in this situations, when police arrive, there are bullets flying all over as they work to neutralize the threat. There are often hostages who are hiding, or taking cover which are at great risk from police entry as well as the active shooter,” stated Betzold, “We have generated a reduced ricochet frangible hollow point derived from the tried and true training projectile utilized over the past 20 years at the Federal LE Training Center (FLETC), to provide a projectile that comes apart on hardened surfaces, while also generating maximum terminal affect to stop threats. In potential ricochet situations when striking concrete, tile, steel, bricks, etc, this bullet will begin to dump energy and greatly reduce risk of collateral damage. We want to bring common sense and the best technology to the fight against evil, and do all we can to save as many innocent lives as possible in these situations,” Betzold continued.

About Team Never Quit, LLC:

Mission Statement: Team Never Quit is a community of people who stand united in the fight to honor, support, and restore the freedoms our veterans have provided, and, most importantly, to help them overcome the struggles they face when they come home.

About SRSP:

SRSP, already manufacturing Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell’s Team Never Quit ammunition line in partnership with some great companies in the industry sees the Maker Bullet line as a fantastic compliment to the overall mission of working with the greatest companies to bring to market the best possible products from components to finished product. “We are happy to join with yet another fantastic partner and bring them into the SRSP family! We see this line as a game changer in the hunting industry and the guys at Maker Bullets embody the same values as we do,” stated Casey Betzold, President of Snake River Shooting Products.

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