The 13th Annual Western Creedmoor Cup

Ben Avery Shooting Facility - Main Entrance
Ben Avery Shooting Facility – Main Entrance
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Anniston, AL -( The 13th annual Western Creedmoor Cup was held at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona 14-18 October.

Warm weather greeted the competitors at the beginning of the matches with temperatures reaching toward 100 degrees. The desert weather can be a bit unusual and a rare storm did appear during the matches bringing rain and lightning which caused an hour delay one day, and a brief but strong sand storm that hit the range shortly after cease-firing on another day. None of this took away from the fun and enthusiasm of the competitors or the match staff.

The Cup matches kicked-off with the 4-man team match. A total of 13 teams, 9 service rifle and 4 match rifle competed. California Condors-Fisher, a service rifle team, posted the high overall score for the match – 1544-31X, while Remington Huntsville won the match rifle team posting a 1529-43X. Individually, Fritz Hempelmann posted a very nice 391-10X.

The next three days of the matches are the individual events. An 80 shot regional match course of fire -800 points per day, make up a grand aggregate of 2400 points. The top three service rifle and match rifle for each day were:

Day one:

Service Rifle
Match Rifle
1st  Johnny Fisher         777-21X
1st  Mark Laramie             783-30X
2nd Russel Gary             775-23X
2nd Kenneth Lankford      783-26X
3rd Sara Rozanski          773-21X
3rd Fritz Hempelmann     783-25X
Day two:
Service Rifle
Match Rifle
1st  Sara Rozanski         780-16X
1st  Mark Laramie             785-33X
2nd Kade Jackovich       773-18X
2nd Allen Castle                 785-26X
3rd Jason LeCorre         772-9X
3rd Fritz Hempelmann     779-31X
Day three:
Service Rifle
Match Rifle
1st  Sara Rozanski         773-22X
1st  Mark Laramie             785-40X
2nd Johnny Fisher         774-14X
2nd Allen Castle                 784-23X
3rd Jeffery Mikesell      773-16X
3rd Kenneth Lankford      782-21X
The match winners were:
Mark Laramie          2353-103X
High Service Rifle and High Woman
Sara Rozanski          2335-59X
High Senior
Kenneth Lankford   2341-68X
High Junior
Kade Jackovich        2294-51X

Creedmoor Sports is extremely thankful for the wonderful support we receive that help make these matches an ongoing success. Remington Arms, Giraud Tool, Keystone Accuracy, the girls from the CMP, along with numerous volunteers, give all the competitors what they have come to expect – one of the best high power matches in the country.

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