“The Sporting Chef” Heads South of the Border on Sportsman Channel

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Ammoland.Com) The Sporting Chef’s Scott Leysath moves south of the border to Mexico for his favorite pastime – duck hunting. From the harvest to the freezer, this week Leysath invites an array of guests to showcase tips and tricks for freezing, preparing and serving delectable duck dishes. Pack your bags and travel along to Mexico in this high-flying episode of the The Sporting Chef, Sunday, November 22 at 12:30 p.m. ET on Sportsman Channel.

Sporting Chef Mexico Duck To learn more about what’s on the grill this season, visit, http://www.thesportsmanchannel.com/shows/the-sporting-chef/

Just a plane ride away and Leysath is immersed in some of the best duck hunting Mexico has to offer. This week, Leysath will not only attempt to harvest south of the border waterfowl, but he will invite guests including Brotherhood Outdoor’s Julie McQueen and Daniel Lee Martin and Field and Stream’s David Draper, among others, to share a variety of recipes, including a mouthwatering rendition of duck tacos.

“So often I find people aren’t experiencing the full flavor potential for this type of wild game,” explained Leysath. “That’s why it is so important to focus on all aspects of duck preparation in this episode, including what seasonings to use and helpful cooking techniques.”

The Sporting Chef is a collaborative effort among some of the nation’s best chefs, home cooks, camp cooking pros and outdoor experts. Melissa Bachman, Jana Waller, David Draper, Stacy Harris, Tiffany Haugen, John McGannon, Tommy Gomes, Julie McQueen, Daniel Lee Martin, Butch “Cee Dub” Welch and dozens of other co-hosts make the show what has been called “the fastest half-hour on outdoor TV.”

“Whether your style of cooking leans more towards great outdoor grilling and smoking or something a bit more refined, Sporting Chef has you covered,” commented Leysath. “Our fast-paced segments are aimed at inspiring our viewers to try a few new ways to cook their fish and game. Of course, you can always wrap it in bacon, but we’d really like you to try something new.”

The Sporting Chef, hosted by Scott Leysath, leans on Leysath’s 25-year career as a fish and game chef, along with some of the outdoor industry’s most-talented and innovative experts on the topics of fish and game preparation, outdoor cooking, camping, harvested game handling and storage. The show offers outdoor programming in a fast-paced magazine format covering a variety of topics from stuffing quail with rabbit-rattlesnake sausage to local game feeds to finding out whether farmed salmon is a good thing for our bodies or the environment.

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