Trump Doesn’t Back Down: Armed Citizenry Would Have Prevented ‘Horror Show’ In Paris

By AWR Hawkins

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( On the November 22 2015 airing of This Week With George Stephanopoulos, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump doubled down on his defense of the Second Amendment and said an armed citizenry could have prevented the “horror show” in Paris.

During the segment, Stephanopoulos prodded Trump in hopes of getting him to sign on to some degree of gun control in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris. Stephanopoulos did this without mentioning that France has some of the most restrictive gun controls among western nations, including expanded background checks that entail mental and criminal checks, gun club membership requirements for gun owners, and bans on entire categories of weapons for law-abiding citizens. Yet none of these things prevented terrorists from acquiring guns and killing 130 innocents and wounding hundreds more.

And none of Stephanopoulus’s attempts to push Trump into a corner worked either.

Instead, Trump said:

You know George, I am a really big proponent of the Second Amendment. I’ll give you an example–if in Paris some of those people had guns, you wouldn’t have had the horror show that you had where [none of the innocents] had guns.

Stehpanopoulus countered by pushing Trump to consider new gun controls tied to the no-fly list but Trump did not budge.

Instead he reiterated: “If those people in Paris had guns in that room, there would have been a shootout and very few people would have been hurt in comparison to the number that were hurt” via the gun control status quo.

Trump added: “I’ll tell you who would’ve been hurt–the bad guys.”

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Trump does not take crap from anyone. The time for couth is long past and your version of “common sense” is only common among the progressives.


Mr. Trump still needs to explain why he supports background checks and extended waiting periods, something the NRA and the pro-gun media have refused to call him on.


Trump is smart, Trump says some good things, Trump is brave, Trump is dangerous and an embarrassment to our nation. Too bad he does not have any couth or common sense. It is a shame.