With EveryTown Gun Banners Egging Him On Obama Targets Private Gun Sales for Checks

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With EveryTown Gun Banners Egging Him On Obama Targets Private Gun Sales for Checks
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USA – On November 12 2015 a CBS News report focused on Everytown for Gun Safety’s efforts to secure more gun control revealed that President Obama has “assigned White House lawyers” to look for a way that executive action can be used to expand background checks to include private gun sales or at least some sales by private gun owners.

Breitbart News previously reported that Obama was weighing the use of an executive order to expand background checks in the wake of the Umpqua Community College attack. The gunman in that attack passed a background check for the weapons he used.

According to CBS News, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown is being given the opportunity to present their gun control plan to the White House today, and that will include include urging Obama to go around Congress with an executive order on background checks.

Everytown wants checks expanded to cover private gun sellers “who make occasional sales,” but they provide no figure to indicate how many gun sales would be required to meet the threshhold of “occasional” seller. Rather, Everytown simply describes persons who “[make’ occasional sales…of firearms for the enhancement of a personal collection or for a hobby” and who do so without having to get a permit from the government.

When Obama first floated the idea of using an executive order to accomplish this, NBC News reported that “50 or 100 guns a year [would be] the threshold to trigger” the new background check “requirements.” But they stressed that the administration had “not formally settled on a number.”

It appears that Everytown now wants the Obama administration to require background checks not based on the number of guns sold, but on the length of time a gun is owned before it is sold.

To secure this approach, Everytown is asking the Obama administration to provide a legal definition for “personal collection” of firearms. If they can get this, they hope to at least secure an expansion of background checks to cover privately sold firearms that fall outside the “personal collection” designation. For example, Everytown would like the president to declare that a firearm has to be owned for a certain period of time–one full year, for example–before it can be considered part of a personal collection and therefore outside the purview of background checks.

It should be noted that Americans have been selling guns privately since 1791, regardless of the amount of time they might have owned the gun prior to selling it. But with Bloomberg’s help, Obama is looking for a way to change that, so that he leaves office with a background check on every gun sale, retail or private.

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  • 12 thoughts on “With EveryTown Gun Banners Egging Him On Obama Targets Private Gun Sales for Checks

    1. i think we sould the voter need to take all gun form obama and bloomberg guards see how fast they are shutting the big fat mouths no gun for government worker and no more tax money we see how fast they start crying

    2. Laws do not stop criminals or else we could stop any illegal activity with a new law. Criminals do not follow the law so any new law slowly erodes our freedom by creating the possibility that it could be misconstrued to our detriment.

    3. If you think that we should welcome additional intrusion, regulation, legislation and essentially government control into our lives and homes, you’re certainly not in tune with those of us who value our freedoms and rights. Rights which are inaliable and are not granted by the State.

    4. For Curtis …. you make some interesting points … but like most bloggers, you expect people to just “believe” what you say without any proof or citations, or references … so here’s an eye-opener for you cupcake: State verifiable facts or go back to baking cookies. I have no tolerance for would be ghost bloggers – with no credibility.

    5. The anti-gunners have slowly nibbled around the edges of your Constitutional Right to own firearms and now they are attempting to make it impossible for you to loan a friend, whether a neighbor or from out of state, a gun for hunting when those folks are visiting you. Suppose you want to buy a gun for your son or daughter? If they get their way, Bloomberg, et al, you won’t be able to gift a gun to a relative or leave your collection to your family members in your Will. It is up to each person who owns a gun to be aware of how it works, how to maintain it and how to act around other people with guns, on the range and on the streets.
      Make certain that you stay on top of your Member of Congress and keep him aware that you are watching how he votes as well as what he says.

    6. They want all these new laws yet fail to enforce existing laws. It’s all about banning our freedom, just like the Patriot act , and NSA warrantless snooping and data collection.

    7. If all of our weapons are locked up in our homes, we will not have the ability to get to them in time to protect our loved ones or ourselves. It takes approximately 3-5 seconds to break in a door, or come through a window in a home invasion scenario. I would literally have to run to get my weapon. Do you think I will have the time to grab my keys and then go to my gun safe open it up and close it back up to protect the rest of my firearms from being stolen? This is exactly why conceal carry permits are so important. I can only hope I can get to my hidden pistol in time. The way to overcome accidental firearm deaths or injuries is to teach our children and family members how to safely and properly handle firearms.

    8. Grow up people. The government was not created to think for us. Act like the adults we are. The majority of gun owners are responsible law abiding citizens. The minority are criminals. No number of laws ever have and never will cause criminals to obey the law. Taking care of ourselves always has been our responsibility, not the governments. Defense of ourselves and our family is also our responsibility. No criminal is going to wait for us to call 911 before attacking us.Unnecessary and pointless gun restrictions are also criminal attacks on law abiding citizens. Gun restrictions are endorsed and promoted by the UN. A group of countries opposed to the American freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    9. It’s just another way for them to find out what you have and how to get there hands on it. I think there needs to be a saftey course put into place that everyone should have to take from time to time to keep yourself sharp on the fundamentals of gun use. It’s just using common sence and sometimes we fail at it.

    10. Another law will help, because everyone follows laws. Why do you feel the need to make a law for something that should be common sense and sensible gun ownership? The last thing we need is another law. When you say we, you imply that we all just leave our guns around. Not even close, YOU and your need to have another law tell you what to abide by are the problem.

    11. Setting a limit on the number of guns sold would be an arbitrary number, just like everything else these ‘Progressives’ do is arbitrary.

    12. It makes no sense to regulate the sale of guns when there is no regulation on the storage of guns. The storage of guns should be regulated to require guns to be locked in a safe with the exception to the gun you carry on a daily basis. After all, your concealed carry is the gun you use to get to your rifle right? To often guns are picked up by children and they accidentally kill someone, or guns are stolen that are not locked up in a proper storage. If criminals could not get their hands on a gun what would they do? We make it so easy when we leave guns in the night stand drawer, under the lazy boy so it is handy etc… Lock em up and keep em safe!

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