You Cannot “Stand with France” but, Here is What you Can Do

The aftermath of the outreach by the Religion of Peace. (mirrorpix)
The aftermath of the outreach by the Religion of Peace. (mirrorpix)

Student of the GunBiloxi, Mississippi (Ammoland) As per usual, after every heinous and barbarous attack by missionaries of the 7th Century death cult, we are offered social media campaigns as a way of “showing support” or  “solidarity” with the victim city or state. “Boston Strong” and “Je Suis Charlie” are some slogans that come immediately to mind. Here we are, in the aftermath of yet one more in a long line of what Comrade Barry might refer to as “isolated incidents of workplace violence” and people worldwide are changing their Facebook pictures to a French flag color overlay. Buildings are being lit up in the French pattern of blue, white, and red. The obligatory hashtag campaigns have begun and well-meaning people everywhere are posting to social media that they “Stand with France”.

The aforementioned behavior is quite normal. When faced with an emotionally challenging incident, it is a natural reaction to assuage the feelings of shock, sadness, anger, frustration and helplessness by seeking to “do something”. In an effort to regain a level of psychological comfort, humans attach themselves to a movement or a campaign. They post “Stand with France” on their social media accounts and put the Tricolour flag overlay on their FB picture. They might even go so far as to retweet hashtags that show solidarity with the French people.

The fact of the matter is that you cannot truly “stand with France”, unless you are a member of the French military or law enforcement agency. France is a socialist nation in the even more socialist European Union. The people are allowed by their government to vote, but they are little more than a comfortable peasant class. A class that was supposed to disappear after they put all those heads in baskets a hundred plus years ago.

Despite the horrors witnessed by France and the rest of the world when Muslim Missionaries slaughtered the innocent at the Charlie Hebdo offices and at a nearby Jewish delicatessen. France and the rest of Europe did not take it as their wake up call to eradicate the cancer of the death cult from their midst. There are Muslim “No-Go” zones around Paris and in other major cities throughout Europe. These are areas colonized by death cult members where those outside of the cult are not welcome and subject to attack when they enter. Much like the bad neighborhoods in Detroit when I was growing up there, the No Go zones are not “official” but they exist to all who have eyes to see and ears to here.

Rather than use armed men to secure their borders from invasion, France and the rest of Europe acquiesced to the bullying of the progressive left and allowed tens of thousands of ungrateful parasites to flood their lands. Not there to assimilate, the invaders arrived demanding that the host nation change to appease them and provide for their every need.

Armed Peasantry

The people, the actual citizenry of France and Europe, are helpless to watch this sick play unfold before their eyes. Their friends, neighbors, and relatives become the bloodied victims of the weakness and flaccid behavior of the ruling class in their nations’ capitals. The citizens of the European Union are helpless as they have been stripped of the ability to actively participate in their own self-preservation.

I know some of you are jumping up and down and yelling that French people are allowed to own guns. Yes, France and a few other European countries do indeed allow the peasantry to possess firearms after the requisite licenses and permits are filed and approved. Hunters and gun club members are allowed to use firearms to participate in sporting activities. Folks, games and sports are not fighting. Happy thoughts aside, the citizens of Europe are in no way equipped, mentally or physically, to use arms to resist evil. Sorry, it’s a pipe dream.

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