A Million New Gun Owners a Month Need Your Guidance

By Rob Morse

Tatiana and Student Photo Credit: FirelanceMedia.com
Tatiana and Student Photo Credit: FirelanceMedia.com
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Louisiana- (Ammoland.com)- President Barack Obama spoke to the nation a few days ago.  He talked around the muslim murderers in San Bernardino.  He tried to twist our concern about jihadi immigrants into a fear of firearms.

Most of us think the president is wrong.  The American people voted with their feet by going to the store and buying a record number of firearms.

Many of them are first time gun buyers.  Experienced firearms owners need to step up and introduce these new gun owners into the culture of safe firearms ownership.

We start the discussion friend to friend.

Experienced firearms owners can do what no one else can do.  In fact, we can do what the president only dreams about.  We can change hearts and minds.  That is easier than you think.  Our neighbors think of us as a friend, and we start the discussion friend to friend.  Lucky for us, our neighbors think gun owners are… Well, frankly, gun owners are just like you.  You are an ambassador for the gun culture.  That is an important job.

You are an ambassador for the gun culture.

First, you are a welcome and trusted member of your community.  As honorable men and women, you are an antidote to the fear spread about firearms.  You are the living contradiction that disproves the misinformation spread in the media about guns.  You keep your family safe every day.  You are trusted as a friend, a neighbors and as a co-worker.  Your smile and warm words are more persuasive than a president’s speech or an editorial in the New York Times.

Your smile and warm words on the positive aspect of guns are more persuasive than a president’s speech or an editorial in the New York Times.
Your smile and warm words on the positive aspect of guns are more persuasive than a president’s speech or an editorial in the New York Times.

As a gun owner, you are first an ambassador to your family.  The obvious place to change a culture is where you live.  Be proactive and responsible in how you store your guns at home.  Next, teach your children to be safe around firearms.

Mother Daughter Shooting
Mother Daughter Shooting

You are also an ambassador to your friends and co-workers.  As a long-time firearm owner, you are a trusted source of information and inspiration.  A new gun owner might not know where to get training, but they know you.  Offer to take them shooting with you.  Make sure they have a safe and enjoyable time.  There is a lot that new gun owners need and want to learn.  Answer their questions.  Remind them where they can get quality instruction.

You are an ambassador to your community.  You are a resource at work, at school and at church.  Be an active part of those organizations.  There are a million new families with firearms in their home every month.  They need to learn how to safely and responsibly live with a gun in the house.  Share your enthusiasm and what you know.  I’ll offer you a hint.  As a safe firearms owner, I bet you’ve forgotten how much you know about safely storing and handling your guns.  Share what you know, and ask for help if you’re not sure what to say or do.

You are an ambassador in everything you do, be it in a discussion over the back fence or something you post online.  Responsible gun owners can take back the image AND the reality of firearms ownership.  You are an ambassador for all of us.  Wear it well.  You are judged by every word and gesture.  There is a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders.. and on your smile.

Thank you for all you do.


Lead Image : Tatiana and Student Photo Credit: FirelanceMedia.com

About Rob Morse: Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. He is also an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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National Shooting Sports Foundation
Local Gun Club
Police Aux
NRA Eddie the Eagle
etc. !!!

David Reeder

Question – isn’t that a Firelance Media image at the top with the Firelance watermark removed and Ammoland slapped on? Because it seems like when we’re talking about important issues we should stand on the moral high ground so we’re without reproach. If it’s not thenI apologize and will move on. If it is, then credit should be given and there can be no questioning journalistic integrity, which distract from the message. Love the site and the content, keep it up.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

@Dave we have added the links to FirelanceMedia.com. Thanks for the heads up & having our backs.


I agree, please consider joining one firearms rights org local to you or if your budget permits, more then one.

I like to take at least one person to the range once a month if time allows and give them exposure to firearms and
safe use of them. Let them take the next step by signing up for a class or two.


These new firearm owners also need to be convinced to join a firearms rights organization. Not necessarily the NRA, though it would help with the numbers, but some organization that is involved in making sure they get to keep their new purchases.

Duane J.

What a complimentary article! It helps if You have a full compliment of suppressors of various calibers for 1st time shooters. Newbies, little kids and their mothers have wonderful experiences if they don’t have to anticipate the concussive blast with each trigger pull. It’s EVIDENT that cans ARE hearing preservation devices and improve communication and safety without those damned hearing muffs. There are follow up questions after introductory shoots of why cans are restricted when the inherent benefits are so self evident? Well, becuz of ongoing deliberate hollyweird propaganda, media disinformation and inclusion on a whim in NFA New Deal… Read more »

Don in LA

Hope everyone reads this and takes it to heart.