Anti-Gun – Chris Christie and John Kasich – NHFC Candidate Findings

Christie Loves Obama
Chris Christie cannot be trusted with your rights! He is very similar to President Obama, after all he did give the president a big hug!
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

Milford, NH –-( As we get closer to New Hampshire’s important “First in the Nation” Presidential primary, we will post several articles which will contain important information about the various Presidential candidates’ views on the Second Amendment.

These articles are intended to educate you, the law abiding New Hampshire firearms owners.

They are not an endorsement of any particular candidate.

Governor Chris Christie, (R-NJ)

Since he became a presidential candidate, Governor Christie has been bragging about all of the people who were convicted of crimes under New Jersey’s draconian gun laws that he has subsequently pardoned.

Don’t be fooled! This is not the pro-gun act that Gov. Christie wants you to think it is. First, to our knowledge, Gov. Christie has only pardoned one New Jersey resident. It seems that visitors to the state who are ensnared by New Jersey’s anti-gun laws are more likely to get “excused“. And then, only after a huge public outcry. For example, Shaneen Allen, is a nurse, single mother and of course a female. When the outcry was loud Christie pardoned her. But the funny thing is that Gov. Christie has opposed nationwide concealed carry recognition. That’s right, had congress passed the very bill that Christie opposes, Shaneen Allen would not have gone to jail and a pardon would not have been necessary.

In the case, Drake V. Jerejian, Governor Christie and his administration defended New Jersey’s highly restrictive concealed carry permit law. It is virtually impossible for otherwise law abiding people to carry firearms in New Jersey and when a case was brought to change it Chris Christie directed his Attorney General to support the law. You can read the documents here.

Gov. Christie has repeatedly refused to meet with our friends from the New Jersey Second Amendment Society. Why won’t he talk with them and hear their concerns? Probably because he is hostile to firearms civil rights.

This is an old political trick, pretend to support an issue but avoid meeting with activists and have a staff member constantly assure the activists that the politician is really on your side.

Gov. Christie claims that he can’t do anything because of New Jersey’s Democrat controlled legislature. This is a falsehood. When Christie wanted so called pension reform, he demanded pension reform and created a stacked commission to give him political cover for the outcome that he wanted. He could do the same thing and repeal New Jersey’s gun and magazine ban, enact shall issue concealed carry with reciprocity or any other pro-gun reforms.

Governor Chris Christie Assault Weapons Ban Brochure
Governor Chris Christie Assault Weapons Ban Brochure

The truth is Chris Christie has been an anti gun activist for his entire political career. He sent out this mailer when he ran for New Jersey State Senate in the early 1990s.

Fox News’ Bret Baeir asked him about this quote from 1993:

“The issue which has motivated me to get into this race is the recent attempt by certain Republican legislators to repeal New Jersey’s ban on assault weapons,” Christie said at the time.

The full Christie quote, not shown by Fox News, goes even further:

“In today’s society, no one needs a semiautomatic assault weapon,” he said. “We already have too many firearms in our communities.”

Now to be fair, 1993 was 22 years ago. However, we cannot find a single pro-gun action by Gov. Christie in the following 22 years. Gov. Christie appears to be a committed anti-gun activist.

The Governor of New Jersey appoints the attorney general, all county prosecutors, every judge and the head of the State Police. As Governor, Chris Christie appointed liberal, anti-gun County Prosecutors, including Robert Bernardi, who headed former anti-gun Governor Jon Corzine’s “Firearms Task Force”, which was instrumental in passing a one gun a month law in New Jersey.

If President Obama can use his phone and pen to eradicate your rights Governor Christie can do the same thing to restore your rights. But he doesn’t want to because he agrees with New Jersey’s anti-gun laws.

The Wall Street Journal reported that:

“Mr. Christie has previously stated that he supports “strictly enforcing” New Jersey’s existing gun-control laws, which are some of the strongest in the U.S. He has vetoed some bills that would provide additional restrictions, such as reducing gun magazine capacity.”

Being pro-gun is doing the right thing when no one is looking. If Christie was really pro-gun, on his first day in office he would have pardoned ANYONE, who was EVER convicted of a possessory only firearms offense in New Jersey. In New Jersey these could be trivial things like stopping for lunch on the way to the range since no deviations are allowed when transporting firearms. Or having a gun in the passenger compartment of a car instead of the trunk while going to the range. These so called “crimes” are victimless and only occur in places like New Jersey. But sadly, there are thousands of people with these convictions on their records and Christie only pardoned a few of these folks.

One state resident, Brian Aitken, (who arguably didn’t even commit a crime), wasn’t pardoned. Gov. Christie merely commuted his sentence. In other words he let Aitken out of jail but Brian Aitken still has a felony record.

Our friends at Iowa Gun Owners have done a terrific job of documenting the Christie anti-gun record. In short, Chris Christie cannot be trusted with your rights! He is very similar to President Obama, after all he did give the president a big hug!

Governor John Kasich, (R-OH)

Governor Kasich Signs Restaurant Firearms Carry Into Law
As Governor of Ohio Kasich signed medicaid reform that contained a version of “see a shrink lose your guns.” Governor Kasich is simply another politiciam who will excuse criminal behavior as mental illness and by extension would likely void the Second Amendment rights of anyone who sees a “shrink”.

NHFC Training Director Alan Rice attended a Kasich Town Hall meeting in Goffstown. When I asked Alan what he thought of Kasich he said: “Kasich did not seem to fully understand world affairs, particularly, Middle Eastern issues and National Security.” I asked him for specifics and Alan told me that Kasich had dates, times and places wrong when he talked about some of the current and past affairs in the Middle East.

I’ll be honest, very few people can remember all the dates, times and historical facts that Alan can remember. But if a person is running for president and conducting town hall meetings he better have his facts straight. OK, so your probably saying even if we agree that Gov. John Kasich lacks understanding of world affairs, what is his position on firearms civil rights issues?

Well the answer is simple. In 1994, when he was a US Congressman John Kasich voted for the Clinton Gun and Magazine ban. Nothing more needs to be said. Kasich not only lacks a solid understanding of world affairs and world history, but he is also anti-gun.

And if voting for the Clinton gun and magazine ban is not enough proof, as Governor of Ohio Kasich signed medicaid reform that contained a version of “see a shrink lose your guns.” Governor Kasich is simply another politiciam who will excuse criminal behavior as mental illness and by extension would likely void the Second Amendment rights of anyone who sees a “shrink“.

Bottom line: Governors Kasich and Christie have demonstrated by their actions that they are probably hostile to your Second Amendment rights.

Watch your email because we will be sending more email updates on all of the presidential candidates.

Thanks for your support.

In Liberty,
Scott A. Krauss
Vice President – NHFC


About New Hampshire Firearms Coalition:
The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is New Hampshire’s only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization. While many so-called “gun rights groups” work to curry favor with politicians and the media, NHFC is working aggressively to hold politicians accountable and to put a stop to gun control. Visit:

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I was at the same Kasich town hall in October and was left with a VERY different impression than your Mr. Rice. Kasich spoke intelligently and in detail about the risks of a kurdish state, the fear of a shia crescent, acknowledged the need to get turkey and jordan involved. Talked about the potential geographical issues of an alawite state. I can’t think of a SINGLE date place or event he was even a little bit wrong on. Hell, the guy riffed, off the top of his head, about the saudi intervention in yemens struggle against the houthi insurgency. I’d… Read more »


Christie is doing the same thing all the other Republican Candidates…leaning as far to the right to pander to those on the right who have taken over the Republican Party and created the Chaos that it’s in now. Sad to say but it was none other than the Conservative Icon and proud NRA member Ronald Reagan who championed the Brady bill, banned machine guns, and helped pass the ban on assault weapons. If Ronald Reagan were alive today …he would be branded as a liberal and kicked out of the Republican party ___________________ “There’s no reason why on the street… Read more »

Bernie Goetz

Pataki nor Christie is presidential material. Ask a NJ to NY commuter or a truck driver that crosses the George Washington Bridge. An eighteen wheeler pays a $100 toll for the mediocrity at Ground Zero.


Kasich gets an A- from the NRA and as governor he signed bills that “Authorizes Noise Suppressors on Certain Firearms”, Amends Definition of Loaded Gun**, and Authorizes Concealed Handguns at Alcohol Vendors. ** Expands the definition of an unloaded firearm within a vehicle to allow an ammunition-containing magazine or speed loader to be present in the following locations, whereas current law prohibits ammunition from being present anywhere in a vehicle (Sec. 1): Stored in a compartment within the vehicle that cannot be accessed without leaving the vehicle; or Stored in a container within the vehicle that provides a complete and… Read more »


I would not TRUST that fat ass with the White house No further than I could throw him, an I had open heart surgery 2 years ago and doing fine


Vote for Ted Nugent for POTUS.


In the picture of lardass Christie it looks like the som bitch just got through cramming a few breakfasts down his face and is heading to lunch.

John Smith

Fortunately, neither of these RINO turds has a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning the Republican nomination for President.