Banded Partners with Honey Brake Lodge and Outfitters

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Honey Brake Lodge
Banded Brands

Jonesville, LA -( With waterfowl seasons in full swing all across North America, Honey Brake Lodge and Outfitters has announced an exciting new partnership with Banded Brands.

“Waterfowling is the foundation that both Banded Brands and Honey Brake Lodge are built on,” said Honey Brake Lodge and Outfitter’s General Manager Drew Keeth. “I can’t begin to tell you how excited and humbled we are to align ourselves with Banded Brands. Banded clothing and equipment is setting the tone in the waterfowl trade space, because that organization is incredibly in tune and in touch with the waterfowling consumer. What an honor it is to be waving the flag of Banded Brands!”

Beginning this fall, Honey Brake’s team of guides will be exclusively utilizing Banded outerwear and equipment, as well as offering Banded gear through the Honey Brake pro shop and website. Banded gear will also become a centerpiece on 2016 television episodes of The Honey Brake Experience, which airs each fall during primetime on the Pursuit Channel.

“There are many reasons we are excited about teaming up with Honey Brake!” exclaimed Banded Brands’ Marketing/Media Relations Director Josh Dokken.

“The authenticities and passions of Honey Brake – managers, hunters and guides of the largest contiguous wetland restoration project in North America; the people, the property and the incredible wildlife – ultimately align with the Banded values,” said Dokken. “Honey Brake’s impressive outfitting business and its strong TV presence on Pursuit Channel will certainly help Banded expand its influence, while giving added exposure to our growing Mossy Oak camouflage offerings. Honey Brake and Banded is the perfect fit; it’s the sort of partnership marketers dream about.”

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