BIGshot Archery Introduces First 500 FPS Crossbow Target

BIGshot Extreme 500 archery target
BIGshot Extreme 500 archery target
BIGshot Targets (BIGshot Archery, LLC)
BIGshot Targets (BIGshot Archery, LLC)

Downingtown, PA -( BIGshot Archery, LLC, creator of the most innovative archery targets in the industry, has taken target performance and shooter confidence to a place no one has ever gone before… to 500 FEET PER SECOND.

To date, NO OTHER MANUFACTURER has launched a target rated at 500 feet per second, making the BIGshot Extreme 500 the highest-speed rating of any archery target in history. While achieving firsts of any kind in archery is notable, it's becoming a tradition at BIGshot Archery, considering BIGshot's industrial and personal video range systems – also industry firsts.

BIGshot Archery President, Al Perelli, was ecstatic about the rating, “It's a milestone for crossbows and archery in general. As crossbows are getting faster and faster, it's more important than ever to deliver stopping power people can trust – and we hit 500 fps first while maintaining our signature easy pull. I couldn't be happier or more proud of our team. It's the result of a lot of hard work and our commitment to walking the leading edge of target innovation.”

While the BIGshot Extreme 500 target was designed specifically to handle your fastest, most lethal crossbows, it's also a great target for use with your compound and traditional archery equipment.

The BIGshot Extreme 500 makes shooting fun again for high-end crossbow enthusiasts and provides the durability competition archers demand.

About BIGshot Archery:

BIGshot Archery, producer of archery and bowhunting’s most innovative personal and industrial-strength target systems, was founded in 2003 with a simple vision – to provide quality targets that solve real problems for archers, bowhunters, archery clubs and ranges. From recreational, hunting and professional shooter targets, to game-changing, patent pending, interactive video target systems, BIGshot Archery has revolutionized the way you compete, the way you practice and the way you prepare for your next bowhunting adventure.

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