Bloomberg AstroTurf Moms Plan Saturday ‘Orange Walk’ to Advance Terror Interests

By David Codrea

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Islamic terrorists, gangbangers, cartel kingpins and gun-free zone predators are going to have to find a new line of work after these gals are done with them! (Graphic: Everytown/Demanding Moms ‘Orange Walk’ email)
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( “Yet another mass shooting has devastated an American community — this time in San Bernardino, California,” the email from Moms Demand Action, a wholly-owned subsidiary Michael Bloomberg, begins. “We don’t just need another moment of silence. We also need a moment of action.”

Really? What kind of action?

Are they going to be looking at how the government’s insane cultural terraforming, partly in order to ensure an overwhelming Democrat majority at the polls, is putting us all at risk, and how the assurance of “rigorous security screening,” meant to lull us all back to sleep, is a hollow fraud?

Are they going to urge us to look to the wisdom of the Founders as to what is “necessary to the security of a free State”?

Hardly. If they did that, they wouldn’t be MILMs.

So what’s the plan?

“Right before the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, supporters will gather all across the country to participate in Orange Walks to honor all of the lives lost to gun violence in America, and show just how determined we are to end it,” the email explains.

Actually, all it does is explain what they’re going to do at their stupid photo op. It doesn’t explain how doing that is going to end “gun violence,” especially since everything they’re demanding is aimed at punishing people who haven’t done anything wrong. It doesn’t explain what they’re prepared to do about those of us who have no intention of giving these useful idiots an inch to keep them from initiating “gun violence” like this country hasn’t seen  since the 1860s.

“There’s an event in Cleveland — can you join us?” they ask, giving the address along with an “RSVP” button.

And it’s not just planned for Cleveland — that just happens to be the city near where I live.  They’re planning similar walks in Everytown.

No doubt the press will show up, but funny thing — there’s not a lot in the “news” announcing things at this writing.  My guess is, they don’t want it to turn out like Bloomberg’s bus tour, where they kept stops secret because they didn’t want subsidized “supporters” outnumbered. Still, look for the media to give the handful of indignant zealots who do show up inordinate exposure, and to position their camera shots to make it look like the events draw widespread public participation.

“Orange is the color hunters wear to stay safe and visible in the woods,” the MILMs explain further. “It represents the value of human life, and it’s become a powerful symbol of the gun violence prevention movement.”

Aside from the fact that the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting, to watch a sportsman field dress a deer would no doubt send most of these herbivores into post traumatic stress paroxysms worthy of a slap from George Patton. It’s fair to wonder if gun owners in blaze orange showed up, open carrying, of course, how welcome they’d be at the walk. It’s also fair to wonder why those who claim they’re all about “the value of human life” never want to talk about what their precious monopoly of violence historically devolves into — far too often to be a coincidence.

For “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day.

“At Orange Walks across the country, supporters like you will gather with family and friends to bundle up in as much orange as they own and walk in their town squares, schools, or houses of worship,” the MILMs conclude. “There’s an Orange Walk happening in your community, and we hope we’ll see you there.”

You can find one near you here if it’s been a while since you attended a freak show, or if you just miss the sound of shrieking harridans.

Did I say “conclude”? My bad. They’re not just holding a blood dance, it’s also a taxi dance, and they need you to commemorate the dead by paying Bloomberg Enterprises for the privilege. To that end, they not only solicit contributions, they also offer a complete line of clothing and accessories from Everytown’s “Wear Orange” store!

Seriously? Wear orange in response to violent Islamist terrorism? Maybe they figure a show of solidarity will clear up all the misunderstandings.

Inspired choice, ladies.  And look, it works: No “gun violence”!

If the Moms have their way, we could all be wearing orange some day!
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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You mean, like the NRA teamed up to make The Veteran’s Disarmament Law with Carolyn McCarthy and Bloomberg?


Orange is the new stupid!

Dr Timothy-Allen Albertson

These firearms thieves are so proud of their desire to commit a felony they will even wear felony orange before they are booked.


Please. When you see or hear of any Firearm misled, ignorant followers to the anti-gun movement, try to educate them on who the World Authority on firearms truly is. When it comes to firearm history, education and safety, that organization is the NRA. Who in the entire World knows more than them? —- Bloomberg ! ? ! ? Just ask them if they actually think Bloomberg knows more. A yes answer to that deserves your attention, and assistance in helping them discover facts of American History. Teach them how firearms directly influenced the protection of our people, and gave us… Read more »


Race has nothing to do with thieves , they come in all colors and genders.


It’s been told that our AF is running out of “regular bombs” because of the ISIS conflict. Might I suggest we drop these two “honies” over Syria; that oughta’ scare the livin’ crap out of anyone within 100+ miles!!


The same people will march in support of abortion which kills hundreds of American babies every day.


Ironic to see a black female in the photo considering Bloomberg’s racial targeting and profiling in NYC. Leftists claim to oppose racial profiling and claiming non whites commit the crimes, yet Bloomberg did just that. I guess it is sort of like how sexual harassment and rape accusations are to be believed by all women – unless the accused is husband of Hillary Clinton. Bloomberg can be as “racist” as he wants as long as he is the sugar daddy for the gun banning movement.


I am a hunter- I don’t want them wearing hunters safety orange! U doors BLOOMBERG is backing this- THAT SHOULD B ALL U NEED TO READ TO NO THAT IT IS JUST ANOTHER WAY TO TAKE AMERICANS GUNS! Pathetic! Guns don’t kill people- PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE- if they were still alive u could ask the women overseas that have been STONED TO DEATH- WHICH IS A TYPE OF WEAPON- STONES KILLED WOMEN!!!!