CCW Guardian Announces Partnership with Champion Shooter & Instructor Julie Golob

Premiere Concealed Carry Permit Phone Application Partners with Professional Shooter to Develop Training and Resources for CCW Guardian App

Julie Golob
Reed & Ward’s CCW Guardian Announces Partnership with Champion Shooter and Firearms Instructor Julie Golob
Reed & Ward, LLC
Reed & Ward, LLC

Bloomfield, IA -( World and national shooting champion and U.S. Army veteran Julie Golob has joined the Reed & Ward team to help spread the word about CCW Guardian, the premiere smartphone application for concealed carry permit holders.

Having earned more than 120 championship titles in international, national, and regional competitions over her career, Golob is one of the most accomplished professional shooters in the world. An experienced firearms instructor and author with a passion for shooting sports, Golob is also dedicated to safe, responsible firearm ownership.

Golob plans to leverage her considerable and unique insight into firearm training and use. This, combined with her concealed carry experience as a pro-gun mother will further build the app’s resources to help concealed carry permit holders protect what matters most to them.

“We rely on smart phones and computers so much in our daily lives from fitness tracking to helpful to-do lists and reminders. I’m excited to partner with CCW Guardian to help firearm owners and conceal carry holders maintain their skills and track their progress through this technology,” said Golob.

CCW Guardian was first developed to help users record firearms education, certification, training, and shooting practice as a hedge against liability. The app has since evolved its use with expansion to a variety of other practical abilities that range from firearm preventative maintenance to analyzing a shooter’s personal skill development.

Golob adds that, “As a pro shooter I know how that documenting training is extremely useful. and CCW Guardian users are taking steps to expand their knowledge and improve their shooting. I look forward to helping them reach their goals.”

Discover how to train, log and shoot better. Learn more about this versatile and useful application for your phone and computer. Download a free trial at

About CCW Guardian:

CCW Guardian is the first smartphone application produced Reed & Ward, LLC. CCW Guardian is an easy-to-use, secure application for iPhone and Android that allows users to log training, permit and firearm information for quick and easy access. In addition to the app, the website encourages safe and responsible firearm ownership and provides useful resources, firearm information and training tips to help concealed carry permit holders expand their knowledge and fundamental shooting skills.

Learn more and download the app for free at

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Well and fine, but there comes a time when it’s time to quit wasting ammo just shooting at paper. Either you can or you can’t hit it. All paper shooters are doing is driving up the price of ammo and keeping it high. Everything I need to know about hitting paper, I learned in kindergarten. I have a CWP and always carry. The paper doesn’t do you any good if you don’t carry. I only use ammo for 2 things. Hunting and self defense. No one can say that I have ever contributed a penny to drive up ammo prices.… Read more »