‘Christian Terrorists’ Don’t Exist

By J. Matt Barber

Liberty Counsel Action
Liberty Counsel Action

Florida – -(Ammoland.com)-  “I'm sick of these white male NRA Republicans and their mass shootings beca … um, Sayed Farook? Hey, let's not vilify an entire group.” – Jon Gabriel, editor-in-chief, Ricochet.com

Workplace violence strikes again. “Allahu Akbar!” evidently means, “I quit,” and pipe bombs are the new resignation letter. Southern Baptist redneck Syed Rizwan Farook and his Irish Catholic wife, Tashfeen Malik, are reported to have been inexplicably in touch with ambiguously international, not-at-all-Islam-related terrorists under investigation by the FBI prior to mowing down 35 white-privileged American citizens at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California.

Investigators feverishly search for a motive.

Multiculturalism was unavailable for comment.

It's said that not all Muslims are terrorists, but that most terrorists are Muslims. Bleeding heart “religion of peace” Jihad-deniers may explain away the global scourge of Islamic terrorism as “workplace violence,” the “result of climate change” or a “gun control issue” (California has the strictest gun laws in all 50 states, and Paris France has banned guns altogether), but the facts, common sense and our own observations reveal the truth.

It's world-class stupid to insist that, when demon-possessed Muslim terrorists mow down a room full of law-abiding citizens, the “progressive” panacea is to disarm the law-abiding citizens.

“Enough is enough,” all right. Sit down, liberals. The adults are talking. We don't need more gun control, we need more Islam control.

Brigitte Gabriel is a world-renown national security expert. Her concentration is on the – ahem – explosive rise in Islamic terrorism. She notes that there are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. Of them, intelligence agencies estimate that 15-25 percent are orthodox Muslims, meaning they actually follow the teachings of the Quran.

“That leaves 75 percent of [Muslims being] peaceful people,” observes Gabriel. “But when you look at 15-25 percent of the world's Muslim population, you're looking at 180 million to 300 million people dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization. That is as big as the United States,” she concludes.

Indeed, with these harrowing numbers in mind it's no surprise that there have been nearly 27,500 terrorist attacks worldwide committed by faithful Muslims since 9/11.

There have been zero committed by faithful Christians.

Here's why.

Muslims, true Muslims, follow the teachings of their dead “prophet” Muhammad, a warring tyrant who, as even the Islamic Quran concedes, was a murderous misogynist and pedophile. Christians, true Christians, follow the very-much-alive Lord Jesus Christ, the God-man, whose teachings are found in the God-breathed Holy Bible.

Muhammad taught, and the Quran stresses, that a central tenet of Islam is to convert, enslave or kill the infidel. An infidel is anyone who is not Muslim or, depending on who's doing the killing, belongs to a different sect of Islam. Those who fall into that elusive, perpetually mute category tagged “moderate Muslim” are also infidels or “idolaters.” They're bad Muslims, and, so, according to the Quran, not Muslims at all. “When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them,” commands Surah 9:5. “Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.” Faithful Muslims, true followers of Muhammad, “slay the idolaters wherever [they] find them” (see ISIS, Hamas, Syed Farook, et al.).

It's what Muslims do.

On the other hand, Jesus taught His followers, who are called Christians, to “do to others what you would have them do to you” (see Luke 6:31); that, “You shall not murder” (see Matthew 19:18); and that we are to “love [our] enemies and pray for those who persecute [us]” (see Matthew 5:44). It goes without saying that those who do not follow these teachings are not following Christ.

Indeed, while many may claim to be “Christian,” the word only applies to those who are justified in Christ, spiritually reborn and regenerated through the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. The true Christian walks in Christ's steps through faith and obedience.

Terrorism is in direct disobedience to Christ. It's in direct obedience to Muhammad.

Whereas “Muslim extremists,” that is, faithful Muslims, kill people extremely, “Christian extremists,” that is, faithful Christians, love people, including their enemies, extremely.

Islam is Christianity's photo-negative. While Christianity brings eternal life to those choosing to surrender to Jesus, who alone is “the Way, the Truth and the Life,” Islam brings eternal death to those who surrender to Allah, who is “the best of deceivers” (“[A]nd Allah was deceptive, for Allah is the best of deceivers.” [see Surah 3:54]).

Robert Lewis Dear : A booking photo released by the Colorado Springs Police Department shows Robert Lewis Dear, 57, the suspect in the shooting Friday at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.
No, Robert Dear is no “Christian terrorist.” He may be a terrorist, but he's not a Christian terrorist. He can't be. He doesn't follow Christ.

Which brings us to last week's mass shooting near an abortion slaughterhouse in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Even as the secular left was gleefully screaming, “Christian terrorism!” Garrett Swasey, a pro-life, Christian pastor and police officer, was laying down his life for those inside the very Planned Parenthood he abhorred.

It's what Christians do.

(For the record, this marks the first time in history that any liberal has been concerned for human life at a Planned Parenthood.)

Still, again, and so our liberal, anti-Christian friends fully understand, Officer Garrett Swasey was a pro-life Christian. Robert Dear, the evil, reclusive, deranged pothead who killed him, is not. Dear murdered three innocent people. He is, by definition, not “pro-life.” Neither is he Christian. He is, much like Planned Parenthood, “pro-death.”

Peas in a pod.

To be sure, pro-life Christians like Officer Swasey agree: Murdering babies is wrong. And murdering the murderers who murder babies is also wrong. Shooting innocent people is evil. Just like dismembering baby girls alive and selling their body parts is evil.

No, Robert Dear is no “Christian terrorist.” He may be a terrorist, but he's not a Christian terrorist. He can't be. He doesn't follow Christ. If anything, Robert Dear's actions are more like those of Planned Parenthood, orthodox Islam and Syed Farook.

Bloody bosom buddies.

Yes, there have been terrorists who call themselves Christian.

But there has never been a Christian terrorist.

About Matt Barber

Matt Barber is founder and editor-in-chief of BarbWire.com and an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. In addition to his law degree, Matt holds a Master of Arts in Public Policy from Regent University.

Matt is both an author and a popular columnist. He's known for a unique writing style (an entertaining blend of thoughtful analysis and Swiftian satire, delivered with a rapier wit). Many newspapers and online publications run Matt's columns, to include WND, TheBlaze, the Washington Times, TownHall and many more. Author of the book, “The Right Hook: From the Ring to the Culture War,” Matt is currently penning his first novel.

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    1. With regard to your citation of this: (“[A]nd Allah was deceptive, for Allah is the best of deceivers.” [see Surah 3:54]).

      Your first lesson for today is this: “Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false…” 2 Thessalonians v 11 RSV

      Now remember that Paul was not addressing either Arabs or Muslims which of course should be obvious to you. Paul was addressing a corrupted splinter sect of Xtians at the time. Prophetically however he was adressing all of the Xtians of this day who have fallen by the strong delusion which GOD/ALLAH has sent for their judgement because they so love the lie forced upon them by the clergy for the past 2000 years exactly as did the Thessalonians in Paul’s day.

      Lesson 2: The Xtians of today en masse follow the teachings of the clergy which is that strong delusion. They fail to understand that Christ is not Jesus’s last name but rather the title bestowed upon all the male descendents of King David on both the priestly line and the kingly line. The title Christ means the anointed male SPERM descendant of David which Jesus came by legitimately through His biological father Joseph. In very fact, to deny these facts of the lineage of Jesus the Christ is to deny Jesus the title of Christ. That, by definition, is that very spirit of antichrist Jesus warned us of. Teaching that Jesus’s flesh body resurrected is the false gospel He also warned us against.

      Lesson 3: Whenever Jesus the Christ spoke the words God, Lord and Father He spoke the Name ALLAH. Jesus spoke a Syriac (Syrian) dialect of Aramaic in which the Name of God, Lord and Father is one and all ALLAH.

      Lesson 4: Go here and read to begin exorcising the demon spirit of the antichristian false gospel and be among the first of the dead in Christ to resurrect in this day of God/Allah. http://www.bupc.org/islam.html

    2. With regard to your citation of this: “the best of deceivers” (“[A]nd Allah was deceptive, for Allah is the best of deceivers.” [see Surah 3:54]).

      Your first lesson today is this: “Therefore God (Allah) sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false…” 2 Thessalonians: v 11.
      Now understand that Paul wasn’t talking about Arabs or Muslims (which should be obvious) but rather to a splinter sect of “Christians” at the time. In prophecy Paul is warning the Xtians of today that they’ll be following the spirit of Antichrist and worshiping the false Jesus and teaching the false gospel because they love the lie force fed to them by their vile and corrupt clergy about whom Jesus the Christ truly is. Remember, Christ is not Jesus’s last name it’s the title He and all male heirs to both the priesthood and the throne of King David had by birth into the bloodline of David which Jesus had due to His being the Male SPERM descendant of King David through His biological father Joseph. In very fact, to deny these facts about Jesus is to deny Jesus’s birthright to the title Christ and thereby actually BE the very Antichrist all of the modern Xtians dread.

      Lesson 2: Jesus spoke The Name ALLAH whenever He was referring to God, Lord, or Father.

      Lesson 3: Just go here and read for yourselves if you have more than a mouth for Christ: http://www.bupc.org/islam.html Otherwise remain in your Strong Delusion which GOD/ALLAH has sent for your judgement.

    3. Ya’ll just do not get it do you? The author clearly said you are not a true Christian if you do “XYZ”. True Christians to not kill their brothers be they Muslim, Hindu, Wicca, black, white, European, African, or other Christians. Do people “claiming” to be Christians do wrongful things? Of course they do but the key is “claiming” to be Christian not actual children of the one true God. No, I do not believe Muslims or any other faith than Christian are worshiping anything but an idol. By the Word of God, they are going to hell but the Word also says to treat them well and try to bring them to Christ; not kill or be mean to them. We should treat unbelievers well in the hope that they will listen to us and become Christians. However, I do not believe radical Muslims and many other Muslims believe that way. I think they have zero problems killing true Christians and the others also. Abdirahman and Reason, maybe you are in that large majority of Muslims who, I suspect, want nothing more than to worship your god, raise your children, work hard and be left alone. I am on your side in that desire. You and your brothers/sisters should not be abused or mistreated. Unfortunetely for you, some of the radical Muslims have wandered off and are killing other people; including other Muslims. Yes, there is a Muslim problem right now and I doubt it will get any better because the radicals do not want it to improve. All they can do is hate in the name of your god. Christians cannot fix this problem. Muslims have to fix it. It’s up to members of your faith to resolve the problem. Personally, I do not thing you can fix it. I think this is part of the Book of Revelation and we are headed toward the end times. Not that it will be anytime soon; it will probably be many years yet. But it is coming. All I can recommend it if you are in the group of Muslims who are not causing problems, turn in the bad ones or try to turn them back to peace, speak with your local Christian community to start a dialog, and let your local community know where you stand. Invite them in to your mosque and homes. Hopefully, they will listen. I am a retired Marine and one of the best men I ever knew was a retired Navy Chief who was Muslim. He and his family are great people and i would ask him to protect my back in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, he has left us . I suspect he is just one of many good solid Muslims who are great examples of Americans. America is a country that should welcome any ethnic or religious group. Unfortunately, this is a tough time to move from one country to another. Again, the radicals of any group make it hard on the good people of that group; whatever it may be. The radical Muslims are crapping on everyone. They need to be stopped but it will take action from their own community, not the Christians or other faiths to stop them. Sorry for such a long ramble. Can’t help it sometimes. Be with Him.

    4. Im so glad you pointed this out , it seems the libs think all white people are Christians. They are no Christian terrorist. Great job Matt, keep up the good work.

    5. Abdirahman,
      I apologize for the replies you’ll get here.
      You will find mostly ignorant and bigoted readers on a sight like this, a small but dangerous minority in the American public. There will be a difficult time ahead for Islam, partly due to the actions of violent Islamist, and partly due to the actions of scared ignorant bigoted xenophobes. I pray for all my Abrahamic religion’s children. Anger and lashing out against any group as a whole will only create more terrorists and more death.

    6. Damn that mooslum scum is everywhere. The mooslum who posted bullsh*t needs to get back on that camel and leave !

    7. Roger Stockham Arrested With Explosives threatened to blow up a Detroit Mosque. Sounds like a terrorist to me. Like I keep saying bad people exist in every culture.

      1st take a terrorist event use the media to vilify the groups religion.
      2nd use media to expand central governments powers take rights from all
      3rd use media to encourage extreme acts by others
      4th use media to give more power to fight select religious group
      5th round up and seize all assets of that group
      6th kill em all
      His name was Adolf Hitler
      Now can we all be a little more intelligent on all sides or do we keep repeating history.

    8. Actually, Osman, only those with ‘soft and mushy brains’ believe in Islam. You are ashamed? Sounds like you can’t handle the truth. Now go back to your terrorist friends and talk to THEM, not us.

    9. FOX speaks the truth about the epidemic/scourge called radical Islamic terrorists. Islam is not peaceful,at all but have declared war on ‘humans’ ! This world,esp. The U.S. will never be controlled by Islam or be misguided about that scum called Muhammad.

    10. I am very ashamed at the ignorant comments you made about my Prophet Muhammad*. Muslims in the West are being assaulted and threatened by people like you and others who encourage that Islam preaches violence. Now, you bring up the verses in the Quran about killing. Know that the Quran was revealed over a span of 23 years. Verses were revealed to Muhammad* at certain places and certain times. So in order to know the verse COMPLETELY, you MUST know the setting the verse was revealed. Also Jihad means to struggle or strive. In fact, RIGHT NOW… I’m in Jihad… against the ignorant. Look, fear God and PLEASE quit this nonsense you say about Muhammad* and Islam. ALL the verses of the Quran can be explained pretty easily. I would like you to look at the bible and explain to me these verses… Psalms 137:9:
      “Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.” I want an eexplanation. Please follow the truth in Islam and fear God and quit the lies you say about Muhammad. I hope you become guided. I love my Prophet* and what you said really upset me. I hope you READ the biography of Muhammad*. Don’t get Islamic info from FOX News. Only people with soft and mushy brains will believe the stuff they say about Islam.

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