Controlled Deer Hunt Dec. 15-16 in Brandywine Creek State Park to Be Managed by DFW

6 Ft White-Tail Deer
Deer Hunting
Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife
Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife

Wilmington, DE -( Brandywine Creek State Park in northern New Castle County will be completely closed to the general public, on Tuesday, Dec. 15 and Wednesday, Dec. 16 for the park’s annual controlled deer hunt managed by DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife and Division of Parks & Recreation.

The hunt will be conducted from deer stands and will take place on both sides of the river. The nature center and park office will also be closed. Signs will be posted and/or staff will be on hand to alert the public about the hunt as it takes place.

The hunt has been held each year since 1994 to reduce the number of white-tailed deer on the 1,000-acre park to a manageable level and to curb serious habitat damage caused by the foraging animals. Deer damage most often shows up in the steady decline of vegetation. Hunting is not otherwise permitted in the park.

For more information on the managed deer hunt, please call the Brandywine Creek State Park office at 302-577-3534 or Rob Line, Division of Parks & Recreation Environmental Stewardship program manager, at 302-739-9220.

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