Discussing Gun Control with Your Niece – Things You Need to Know

By Don McDougall

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Discussing Gun Control with Your Niece – Things You Need to Know
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

United States -(AmmoLand.com)- First off, it is always your Niece. You look at your Nephew and say “Dude.. want to go shooting?” The young man is grabbing his coat and asking what guns to bring. Just a note they LOVE 1911’s!

So – Things to remember when talking to your Niece about gun control:

  • She knows she’s right and thinks you’re a Neanderthals, part of a dying generation of old white men who have nothing to offer and have ruined the country.
  • All she can do is repeat the lies told to her by her professors or the Clinton campaign.
  • Any discussion she disagrees with will trigger micro-aggression warnings, and she will stomp off convinced you’re the Neanderthal she always knew.

So, you helped raise her and she’s now a liberal elitist who watches re-runs of “Girls” and doesn’t see anything wrong with knowingly accusing the wrong person of rape or lesbian incest. I mean who cares it was so long ago! What these actions say about the character of the person involved seems not to matter. (If you bewilder by this discussion lookup Lena Dunham, and the rape allegations and incest issues)

Remember your beloved little Niece is not use to thinking. She survives in college by simply repeating the opinions and viewpoints of her liberal instructors. Free thought is not something she is used to. The solution? Ask her question. Make her learn, as painful as that may be.

For each of her talking points, you will find the corresponding questions to offer up. Remember you’re asking because you want to learn!

30,000 People are killed by guns a year! We have to do something!!!

So sweetie… 22,000 of those are suicides, and I wonder if the people are dedicated enough. why won’t they just find another way to kill themselves?

(You’ll get some response now how states with higher gun ownership have higher suicide rates.)

Oh… Interesting, but how about Japan. I mean Japan has a higher suicide rate than any country in the world and almost ZERO gun ownership. That’s right isn’t it? So if guns’ cause suicide how can Japan have a higher suicide rate than the US?

(Any answer leads to the question if she is not Anglo-centric in pre-judging the Japanese culture based on her American upbringing.)

Next….So .… Of the 8,500 murders committed using a gun more than ½ of drug and gang related. Isn’t the real problem racism, white privilege and the accumulation of wealth by the 1% – Aren’t gun crimes just the symptom? Don’t we run the risk of not addressing the real issues by focusing on false issues? Shouldn’t we be focused on social injustice and wealth accumulation? Isn’t the gun control movement just a tool of the 1% to distract you from the real issues?

We want to reduce gun deaths by 50% of the next 20 years!

Hasn’t crime of all types been declining at that rate already? In the past seven years, the number of new guns sold had exceeded 100 million, a 50% increase in the number of guns in the country. But crime is still down. From 1.5 million crimes involving crime to 480,000. It seems that you’re getting exactly what you want without any new laws? So do we need new laws when you’re getting exactly what you say you want?

Australia’s gun buyback didn’t hurt gun owners but made them safer!

Rapes in Australia after their gun buyback skyrocketed! With guns being taken away from Citizens rapes increased 29.9%. How do we make sure this didn’t happen here?

I mean the gun bans in Australia left an unarmed population at the mercy of the oppressed masses who turned to violence as a result of racism and oppression. How do we protect average people when they can no longer protect themselves?

If you’re brave enough to ask one last question for your Niece?

How come Obama didn’t do anything about a gun in his 1st 7 years? I mean no speeches no editorials in the paper or on MSNBC. It seems this is all just a get out the vote ploy by the Hillary campaign and that you’re all being played as a dupes? Why no actions by the Administration for the 1st 7 years?

And lastly…”how about joining me and your brother at the range?”

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Japan is twice our rates, and you’re 100% South Korea is 2.5!


Japan has a high suicide rate, about 50% higher than the U.S., but not the highest in the world. You should correct that. Men in Japan simply find alternatives to handguns when they want to end their lives violently, so it doesn’t affect your argument if they are not #1.


Wild Bill…share this article with them on Facebook!

Don in LA

I’d blame their mother, oh and they don’t believe you’ll cut them out of your will. Their egos are to involved in their lives.

Wild Bill

They told me that they didn’t want to talk to me anymore, and I told them that I didn’t want to leave them any money anymore, and that their inheritance is going to the NRA.

Don in LA

Your Nieces sound like fine young women. I think the balance of these girls are just looking for a cause and swallow what ever lines their fed. The oldest Niece married a hunter and she did what I never could. Her 1st to shots were dead on and she dropped two birds. Her husband posted the pic on facebook. Not all of her friends understood. Enjoy the time with your girls.


My cousin.


Sounds like me mother.

David Palenshus

Good article. I have 2 nieces, and neither fit your mold. The younger one, when visiting from the east coast, always want to shoot every handgun I own. And the older niece, just last night, asked me my opinion on purchasing a handgun for self protection. She has never shot my guns. So they are exceptional, forward and independent thinking females, both of whom are medical professionals, and who understand and appreciate the fact that when the SHTF day or night comes, they have the tool in their possession to defend themselves and their family, while they wait for law… Read more »

brian winters

I did not know you met my 23 year old niece. She fits all of those catagories. My two younger nieces live in Vermont and hunt with their dad my wife’s brother.