Michigan DNR Honors Waterford Engineer Jack Stockbridge

Engineer honors Partners in Conservation Award

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DNR Honors Waterford Engineer Jack Stockbridge with Partners in Conservation Award
Michigan DNR
Michigan Department of Natural Resources

-(Ammoland.com)- The Department of Natural Resources recently honored Jack Stockbridge of Waterford with a Partners in Conservation Award.

Stockbridge, an engineer in the auto industry, designed and helped oversee the construction of sound-baffling additions to the shooting stations at DNR’s Pontiac Lake shooting range to help abate the sound of gunfire.

Stockbridge said he was excited by the award.

“The whole project has been wonderful from the start,” he said. “This project has been positive for the community, the shooters, and the personnel on the range.

“It’s not often you have so much fun doing so much for so many people.”

A nearby resident, Stockbridge – who has a background in sound abatement – approached Pontiac Lake chief range officer Richard Phillips to offer his assistance. Phillips responded immediately.

“He and I were pretty much a team on this whole thing,” Stockbridge said. “I wish I could share the award with him.”

Phillips, who nominated Stockbridge for the award, said the engineer is being modest.

“He did all the drafting, he supplied the funds,” Phillips said. “I just polished it a little bit.”

Stockbridge’s design has reduced the noise from the range significantly.

”We began in 2011 with a goal of making it as pleasing as possible for the shooters and the adjacent community,” Stockbridge said. “It was a cost-effective solution that was an enhancement for both the shooters and the community.”

Partners in Conservation Awards are bestowed upon individuals or organizations, who have been leaders in natural resources policy or management and have been nominated by DNR staffers.

The Pontiac Lake range, located inside Oakland County’s Pontiac Lake Recreation Area, is one of five DNR-staffed shooting ranges. The DNR also contracts with Michigan Shooting Centers, Inc. to operate and maintain two other ranges. For more information, visit www.michigan.gov/shootingranges.