Firearms Guide Is ONLINE Searchable Database

Firearms Guide
Firearms Guide
Impressum Media, Inc
Impressum Media, Inc

Los Angeles, CA -( Impressum Media Inc., publishers of the popular Firearms Guide digital gun guide series, has just launched their ONLINE subscription searchable database.

Firearms Guide ( is the first fully searchable, global database of firearms, air guns, and ammunition created for industry professionals and enthusiasts. It enables deep, complex searches of antique and modern guns and side by side comparisons of search results. Guns are cross-referenced with the ammunition database.

Firearms Guide enables gun industry professionals to perform deep and complex research by combining up to 14 key search criteria (caliber, country, year, action type, stock type, etc), or they can research guns made by a specific manufacturer by simply selecting the manufacturer.

Firearms Guide
Firearms Guide

Guns and ammo are presented with tech-specifications, features, ballistic and up to 12 high-resolution zoomable color pictures (up to 4000 x 1240) per model. Gun values of antique guns and prices of new guns are provided for professionals in the gun trade as well as access to thousands of zoomable and printable gun schematics and parts lists for professional gunsmiths worldwide.

With constant updates is growing every day, covering new guns, more antique guns and constantly updating antique gun values and prices of new guns.

Firearms Guide
Firearms Guide presents over 61,000 antique and modern firearms, airguns, and ammunition from 902 manufacturers worldwide. Gun manufacturers from 50 countries! contains over 5,500 printable and zoom able gun schematics with parts lists for all types of antique and modern guns. Gunsmiths can zoom them or print them from any computer or tablet anytime, anywhere.

Firearms Guide
Firearms Guide

Easy to use. Simply login from any computer or tablet anywhere anytime and immediately start researching world of guns and ammo, compare your search result, find value of your antique guns before you buy or sell and print gun schematics that you need or….. just have fun!

PRESS subscriptions are available for verified members of the press.

About Impressum Media Inc. :

Impressum Media Inc. is a publishing company specialized in innovative next generation publishing projects – interactive multimedia CDs and DVDs. Our mission is to overcome limitations of traditional print publications – newspapers, magazines, books, manuals or catalogs as well as widening presentation possibilities to which our teams’ creativity is endless. Every print publication with our interactive multimedia CD or DVD supplement becomes an ample, fun, modern and attractive product.

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Not sure what the first guy is talking about he almost sounds like a troll. Anyway, thanks to the Ammoland (here) information I subscribed and have found more info. on guns than any written publication or web in the world-and I get several. I like the idea of getting to preview this website to check if they have info on a certain gun or family of guns before purchase–that would come in handy for a guy interested in just one type of gun. I think it is excellent especially the schematics.


Dear Mr. Cooledge presents over 8,000 antique and modern handguns (pistols, revolvers, single shot pistols) from over 310 manufacturers worldwide. All of those handguns are presented with prices for new guns, values for antiques, tech specs, features and up to 12 zoom able high-resolution pictures per gun. Every gun in every caliber is linked with our ammunition database that will show you all the ammo in the same caliber as that gun and it will show you all tech specs, features, ballistics and hi-res images of that ammo with ammo boxes, rounds, bullets, cutt-outs, and mushrooms. As part of… Read more »

R. C. Cooledge

Bought access to the handguns; a waste of money. The catalog of firearms is woefully small.