GOA’s Michael Hammond Discusses the SCOTUS Non-Decision on “Assault Weapon” Ban

GOA Discusses the SCOTUS Non-Decision on Assault Weapon
GOA Discusses the SCOTUS Non-Decision on Assault Weapon

Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC -(Ammoland.com)- GOA’s Legislative Counsel, Michael Hammond, discuses the why the Supreme Court will not take on Highland Park’s ban on certain semi-automatic firearms.

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I am calling on the secret service to arrest and confine this illegal usurper to the white house. do your duty.


Most of SCOTUS needs to step down , if you can not understand your job to enforce the Consitution brutally in the face of Congress , POTUS ,the states and of course the NSA.


Oh, come on, we all know that this is a precursor to SCOTUS deciding that the 2nd amendment means that you have the right to have your gun confiscated. And to be forced to buy gun owners insurance. And to pay taxes on ammo that triple it’s cost. And to store your guns at the local club, only after taking safety classes and getting permits.