Governor Christie’s Newest Anti-Gun Sleight Of Hand

Governor Christie
Governor Christie
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

Milford, NH –-( In a desperate attempt to convince the public that he supports the Second Amendment, the virulently anti-gun New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie,  applauded a report by a “commission” that he created and filled with his pals, to “study” New Jersey’s notoriously anti-gun laws.

The report is simply a restatement of the constant complaints by citizens which have been raised by our friends at the New Jersey Second Amendment Society.

Sure, the “report” looks official in all of its typed 34 pages.  But what does it really say?  Well, first, if Chris Christie was really on our side, he would have created this so called “commissionwithin 30 days of being sworn into office in 2010.

Why now?  Because he is running for president and voters in New Hampshire, and other early voting states don’t share the anti-gun sentiments of New Jersey.

Christie needs to at least pretend to do something even when he does nothing.  And lets not forget, following other anti-gun scofflaws who have come before him, the report was delivered several months after it was really due.

Why did it take almost 6 months for the commission to issue its findings?  Violating the Executive Order that Gov. Christie signed creating it?  Why were there no real positive changes for firearms owners included in the findings?  We can only surmise that it was released now because the New Jersey Second Amendment Society recently released several videos which show police blatantly violating the state’s already burdensome gun permit laws.

Now, back to the report.  It says things like:

“Unnecessary delays in processing applications and the imposition of unauthorized requirements in the application process violate the law and introduce arbitrariness to the exercise of a fundamental right”

The report goes on to say that:

“New Jersey places significant restraints upon who can purchase a firearm in this state and how and when such purchases can be made.”

So Governor, since your commission acknowledged that local officials are violating the law when are you going to order your handpicked Attorney General and State Police Superintendent to arrest and prosecute those law breakers?

Probably never because you seem to agree with these anti gun laws.  After all in 1993 you said:

“The issue which has motivated me to get into this race is the recent attempt by certain Republican legislators to repeal New Jersey’s ban on assault weapons,”

And what we have described above only applies to applications to purchase a handgun!  That’s right, in anti-gun Chris Christie’s New Jersey, a person must obtain police permission to merely purchase a handgun and that can take over a year!  Carry is impossible, New Jersey is a no issue state.

The report also said:

  • “The Commission recommends clarifying the regulation setting forth the criteria for carry permits to allow applicants to obtain a carry permit when they “can demonstrate an urgent necessity for self-protection by articulating serious threats, specific threats, or previous attacks which demonstrate a special danger to the applicant’s life that cannot reasonably be avoided by other means could obtain a carry permit if they are otherwise qualified.”

So basically, if you are in a coffin you might get a carry permit but otherwise forget about it!  This is very different than most of America.  It is even more restrictive than anti-gun Massachusetts.  What is really troubling is that some in New Jersey think this is an improvement!

Make no mistake, the Second Amendment is void in Chris Christie’s New Jersey.  Chris Christie is trying to fool the voters of New Hampshire and other pro-states into thinking he is on their side.

If you care to read the entire report it can be found by clicking here. The New Jersey Second Amendment Society wrote an excellent response to the report and you can read that by clicking here.

In short, this report is simply part of the Christie masquerade party where he pretends to support the Second Amendment by creating a study commission.  The “commission” is part of his campaign for president, NJ 101.5 Radio reported this when the Executive Order was signed.  Chris Christie launched his campaign for President upon the casket of Carol Bowne. A New Jersey resident who mas murdered in her front yard while awaiting police permission to purchase a self-defense handgun.

The only reason we are hearing about it again is because of the undercover videos released by the New Jersey Second Amendment Society which show police breaking the law by refusing to even accept firearms permit applications!


  • If Chris Christie was really on our side, he would pardon anyone who was EVER convicted of a strictly possessory only firearms offense in New Jersey.  Governor, clear all of their records, because in America people are not normally not put in jail for merely possessing a firearm and or ammunition.
  • If Chris Christie was really on our side he would NOT have directed his handpicked Attorney General to defend New Jersey’s highly restrictive concealed carry permit law.  A truly pro gun person would have become a co-plaintiff.

The facts are in and Chris Christie is anti-gun! He always has been and probably always will be.

Don’t forget, it was only 4 short years ago that anti-gun Chris Christie opposed nationwide concealed carry.  Chris Christie seems to be quite comfortable with travelers getting arrested and treated like criminals for simply having a firearm that is perfectly legal where they live.

Don’t be fooled by his phony commission and its Tom Foolery!

In Liberty,

About New Hampshire Firearms Coalition:
The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is New Hampshire’s only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization. While many so-called “gun rights groups” work to curry favor with politicians and the media, NHFC is working aggressively to hold politicians accountable and to put a stop to gun control. Visit:

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Stop asking why and started to think for yourselves…..


republican leadership give wayyyyyy more handouts to the rich.


Welfare Tex , Welfare , free money. well if your poor don’t want to work , fake injuries to collect disaility . Yeah those people that the democrats keep supporting .


Why do people keep electing this scum ? Why ?


Bottom line for voting: Any politician who has ever voted for gun control should be crossed off your list to vote for. Once a gun grabber always a gun grabber. You don’t change the stripes on a zebra. It doesn’t matter if it was 40 yrs. ago, do your homework. Vote all old and new gun grabbers out.

Mike Lee

What heck New jersey’s entire purchase permit scheme is not Constitutional anyways. There are already Supreme Courts decisions against them:

Murdock v Pennsylvania 319 U.S. 105
Shuttleworth v City of Birmingham, Alabama 373 U.S. 262

Happy reading


Just copy & paste this article to your “new” in your email. gmail uses “compose”


Christie is nothing more than a Fat low life RIno and Obama butt kisser; If he was a TRUE Conservative or Old fashioned Republican, he would have worked from day one to get rid of the onerous Communist anti-American gun laws in New Jersey.


A printable copy of the document? Yes I have one, but can’t post it here.
– RR

Mark Reynolds

Fact is, Christie is a typical lying sociopath that managed to con his way in to a position of “leadership”. Sociopaths typically want to be the “leader” and will do anything including lying, stealing, robbing, raping and whatever else they see fit to get their way. Most politicians are sociopaths which is the reason we as a nation and world for that matter are in the predicament we are in. When enough people wake up to the fact and realize that normal people don’t want to be “leaders” the issue will finally come to an end. In the meanwhile…back to… Read more »

Raymond Miller

As a NJ resident I can attest to the fact that Chris Christie is (as Bob Grant would say) a fake, phony, fraud. He vetoed two gun bills, true, but he waited until 11:59pm on the night they would become law to do so. If he were a supporter of the 2nd amendment they would have been signed the minute they hit his desk. He just now did what he said he was going to do when he ran the first time. Yes, I E-mailed him and thanked him for the commission, but I had to hold my nose to… Read more »

Crotalus Maxximus

A printer friendly version of this article would be good to have. If everyone reading this blog would print this and send a copy to Crispies campaign headquarters’ and the Gov”s office maybe he would get the message.


It’s “sleight of hand.” Errors like this in our media make us all look like morons.


A RINO is just a Socialist-Democrat in disguise. Look at McCain, Flake, JEB, Rubio, Graham, etc. All worthless leftists.


Chris Christie is out…he’s not my type of candidate despite his good talk…he has pushed the anti-gun rhetoric too far to the left…hopefully it will bite him good where it will hurt the most…at the voting polls…Vote for Trump who stands up for responsible gun ownership and the NRA.


Don’t trust any politician from the East or ‘Left’ coasts.


We don’t need another deceiver in the White House.


Not Christie , not hillary , put someone we can vote for .


Crispy Cream cannot control what goes into or out of his mouth.


I am a gun owner in NJ and NJ2A does not speak for me. The better explanation of issues is represented by the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs published by the Union Leader.


Ammoland = Censorship


His fat lardass don’t fool nobody ! The som bitch lies more than Obama. ! Totally useless !