Groundbreaking Research Paves Way for Growing Hunter, Angler Numbers

Southwick Associates
Southwick Associates
Southwick Associates
Southwick Associates

Fernandina Beach, FL -( While the numbers of hunters (17 million) and anglers (33 million) remain about the same overall when looking at participation levels for the entire country, recent research by Southwick Associates has cast a bright light on the make-up of these participants and revealed there is actually a high rate of turnover among individuals taking part in the two activities from year to year.

This turnover suggests there are literally millions of people who have already exhibited interest in hunting and fishing, exhibiting the need to capture this low hanging fruit and bring them back into the annual sporting ranks with different strategies than those used to attract new participants.

The research, conducted on behalf of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) via a Multi-State grant awarded by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, is part of broader efforts by these organizations to better identify and understand the sporting consumer and help fish and wildlife agencies, conservation organizations and outdoor-focused businesses to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and grow overall participation levels.

About Southwick Associates:

Southwick Associates is a market research and economics firm specializing in the hunting, shooting, sportfishing, and outdoor recreation markets. Celebrating 25 years in 2015, Southwick Associates is renowned for delivering comprehensive insights and statistics assisting business and strategic decisions across the entire outdoor industry; from government agencies, industry associations and non-profit organizations, to affiliated businesses and manufacturers. Aside from custom market research, and economic impact studies, Southwick also provides syndicated participation, media consumption, and equipment purchase tracking studies utilizing their three proprietary sportsmen panels.

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