HuffPo Academic Invites Civil War with American Gun Owners

By David Codrea

AR Militia
“Progressive” immigrant and academic Amitai Etzioni, who apparently thinks Americans will surrender to his demands and allow themselves to be disarmed, has actually done us a favor by leaving no doubt that he and his kind want it all.
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -(  “No one wants to take your guns” has been a common and longstanding talking point employed by the gun-grabbers to mask their true goals of total citizen disarmament through gun confiscation.

That’s usually followed by ridiculing those suggesting that’s the case with accusations of being “paranoids.” A Huffington Post article, posted on Pearl Harbor Day of all days, takes the mask off and reveals the end game, and why not one inch can be ceded to the totalitarian lobby under the deception of “compromise.”

Needed: Domestic Disarmament, Not ‘Gun Control’,” reads the headline by Amitai Etzioni, Professor of International Studies at George Mason University. That appointment represents typical Opposite Day “progressivism,” considering the sentiments of the man the university is named after regarding an armed citizenry capable of defeating hostile military forces, not to mention the unequivocal convictions of Mason’s contemporaries. Etzioni’s tenure there is indicative of how corruption in high places, such as academia, the media, religious institutions and government, has perverted the vision of the Founders to supplant freedom with tyranny.

‘[T]o disarm the people – that was the best and most effectual way to enslave them,” Mason observed (3 Elliot, Debates at 380). Etzioni is demanding that result. And he evidently believes it will happen without a fight.

All the “incremental” measures to get to the end game may be useful, but they just don’t go far enough, Etzioni maintains, citing just about every “gun control” measure employed and/or proposed to date, including universal background and mental health checks, magazine limits, terror watch lists, manufacturer and dealer lawsuit protections, computerized registration and the like. Those just won’t do the trick, he complains.

Perhaps now might be a good time to let Gomer get a word in. And Oliver.

“[P]rogressives may as well go for the big enchilada: Call for domestic disarmament,” Etzioni demands. “[W]e may have to get to domestic disarmament through the back door.”

How does he intend to do that?

Make the gun manufacturers liable for harm done with their products. Ban the sale of ammunition. And vote for a president that will add to the Supreme Court those who will read the Second Amendment as written. Above all, domestic disarmament is a true, compelling vision which cannot be said about the small gun control measures that are currently promoted by some of the most enlightened people among us.

And how does he intend to enforce disarmament when some of not only defy such affronts to freedom, but actively resist it?

Will he force us into becoming what the wretched Coalition to Initiate Gun Violence disparages as “insurrectionists,” for opposing usurpers who would steal our birthright?

Etzioni doesn’t flesh that out for us.  Hey, he’s just dispensing wisdom from the ivory tower. The nuts and bolts of things is for less elite grunts and functionaries to figure out and execute against the hundred million people who grow the food, transport the goods, build the buildings, keep the lights on, and in many cases, patrol the streets and drive the tanks. At most, enforcer exploits against “those people” will be something he watches on the news or discusses at faculty parties—he’ll have no actual skin in the game.

Or so he and those like him must evidently think if they continue to incite death and destruction against those who want to be left alone and will not go gentle into that good night. For some reason, Julius Streicher comes to mind. So perhaps I should speak directly to “the good professor”:

Get this, you monstrous foreign collectivist, who came to this country to escape Nazi horrors and enjoy the Blessings of Liberty: How twisted and evil that you now work to undermine the very reasons why the Holocaust your family fled from will never happen here, at least without those issuing and carrying out the orders hanging from lamp posts.


Recall your Palmach experience, where you participated in armed and violent underground campaigns against the British, and now imagine such operations in “everytown,” because truthfully, WE ARE EVERYWHERE.

In a way, I should thank you. “You’ve actually done us a favor by leaving no doubt that you and your kind want it all.

No. You can’t have it.  As a matter of fact, some of us are intent on taking back what’s already been stolen. Plus, it’s very useful of you to definitively admit that all the other “gun control” measures don’t work, and that disarming police needed to enforce them will be the icing on the cake — leaving just elite specialists loyal to the masters with controlled access to arms.

A couple years back, you told your “progressive” HuffPo readership about “the gun debate [you] lost.” You now demand things move beyond mere argument.  That means loss will not be measured in academic regrets. If the abomination you are birthing emerges, what makes you think those who survive the horrors you and your kind have demanded will not remember the part you played?

Your move.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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What about knife violence? Car violence? Blunt object violence? Fist violence? Do you see the word, “Gun,” mentioned in any of these forms of violence? Right now, in Israel, the ISIS-like Palestinians are having an SUV jihad to go along with their knife intifada. Committing unspeakable acts of violence with no provocation – but plenty of promulgation by their IslamoNazi leaders. “Violence” is something that lies inside a person – not an object. The fact that twoice as many people have been punched to death as compared to shot to death by all rifles combined is a testament to that.… Read more »


David, you are one of our best spokesmen. Thanks for your efforts and exposing these neomarxist academics for what they are.


The only people afraid of firearms, and want them taken away from everyone, are people with twisted minds. It’s there way of thinking. They can’t be trusted, because they happen to be bad people, and are mentally unstable. Naturally, they assume you are too. Sad and funny at the same time. It’s basic psychology. The funny thing is; They don’t realize by taking the opposite position of good citizens, they reveal their character flaw. If their ignorance wasn’t so painfully aggravating, you might feel sorry for how they’ve been manipulated and misled. Guide them toward getting education, whenever possible. Begin… Read more »

Gardner L. Harris

As I read the laws, both in NJ and CA where I currently reside, neither Felons, released after serving time or those whom you call “Certified Nuts” will be permitted licenses to carry. Of course the felons if they wish to carry will probably do so with or without a permit. The 5150s (as we call them out here) may well do what the San Berdoo gunmen did and use a loophole in the law to legally purchase firearms only to modify them aftermarket with large magazines and automatic firing parts. In any case people who apply for concealed carry… Read more »


And some will say “we can’t let criminals or crazies have guns”. But the second amendment to not exclude them from the right. Freed felons and nuts have the same right to self-defense as the rest of us. Anyone who can not be trusted to be armed should not be running around loose.


“And vote for a president that will add to the Supreme Court those who will read the Second Amendment as written.”

This overeducated fool does not understand the second “as written”. The first part acknowledges the desirability of and need for a citizen militia. The second part states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Nowhere does the amendment LIMIT arms to the militia. So I am all for justices who will interpret the second amendment as written. Any licensing, registration or permit requirements are a clear infringement.

Tim Toroian

Boy, is this dunce ever in for a surprise.


Hmmmmm “Make the gun manufacturers liable for harm done with their products.”

How about, Let’s make Liberals LIABLE for the harm that They do to this country ???

Roy Wilt

Any one who wants to take my guns is going to get the Bullets first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I found it amusing that he wrote “And vote for a president that will add to the Supreme Court those who will read the Second Amendment as written.” First, if he goes with what is written, nothing would change. We would keep our guns and all control laws would be trashed. Second, the liberals always want to say the constitution is a “living document” and should be changed as needed to meet changes in society. Now, he wants it to stay as originally written. Hey liberals….you can’t have it both ways. And…..come and get em….if you dare….


Once they understand that 95 percent of Leo’s will not support this and 80-90 percent of military will not abide by this. They will not have the backbone to take this further they may be willing to put others out front but not themselves. I think they believe in their gut that people in their circles wont stand up for this that us uneducated folks would just fall in line.


Roland Deshain

A “Huff-Po Academic”? A larger oxymoron does not exist.

Dave from San Antonio

HuffPo Academic. Now, “that”…is funny. I’ve never looked at any of Huffpo’s writers or contributors…as an “academic”…not by a long shot.
“One of these days the talking will be over and the citizenry of the United States will decide whether or not to remain free.”
— Dan W. Shoemaker


I suspected that the haters would come out of the dark when Hillary approvingly spoke of “Australian-style” gun control.

See these:

Every War begins with a First Wave – we are witnessing that now.

“Watch the skies!”

Grey Beard

I much prefer “He who wants to take your gun, take his life!”

Martin Keene

I grew up hearing my mother, who was made to feel ashamed of “being” southern, tell stories of her great uncle’s memories of his CSA service as a private and most vividly the harrowing tales of Reconstruction, following the the war. This type of tyranny is one and the same enemy fought during the 1860s. The Jeffersonian Republic died long ago with the “amendments signed at the point of the Union bayonet”. The Constitution as it was, used in the governance of the Republic, is no more. I am 70 years old, ya’ll can now call the fight anything you… Read more »

Blah Blah

Good job America….


Throughout history, the Japanese criminal element (like the criminal element in other places) has NEVER been DISARMED (even though the general population has been), although they may not have been armed with firearms. Allowing NO weapons, or only those, like clubs and edged weapons, that require physical strength and training to use effectively, is tantamount to disarming the elderly, female, disabled, and physically smaller and weaker elements of a society, and therefore amounts to victimizing them, because they are the ones who benefit most from the stand-off ability and equalizing power conferred by using firearms. This really needs to be… Read more »


The Japanese did have a Great Sword Hunt, After Hideoshi consolidated power, the notice was sent out all over the country that all weapons would be turned in , in order to obtain the metal for a giant religious statue. This did not apply to the samurai class, just the peasants. Of course this was just a pretext for getting the arms. Coincidentally, this was followed by roughly 250 years of an oppressive single family dictatorship……

Kevin Collins

Thank you, Christopher Little, for the link. Without it, I would have missed this-
Professor Etzioni “has a three-step formula for changing society. Step One, create the message. Step Two, spread the message. Step Three, organize a grassroots movement.”

Hmmm. Sounds like a certain community organizer I know of, whose every effort to date has been a complete and utter failure. No wonder the second worst president in American history chose Mr. Etzioni as a Senior Advisor.

Matt Bracken

“Your move.”
That is brilliantly concise, David, and I’m seeing those two words in comments following articles all over the place.


With their confiscation law they should be forced to be first in line at the door when they arrive to take your guns… lets see how well that works for them and the 12 guys behind them….
And if the try the “buy back” approach, where are they going to get the 300 billion dollars the guns worth to buy them?

Richard van

Hitler took guns from the Jewish people in Germany. Remember what happened.

Bill Mullins

I suspect that there might – MIGHT, mind you – just be a mustard seed-sized grain of truth in the confiscationists’ thesis. If guns WERE as rare here then gun crimes just might be somewhat less common. The problem, as I see it, is getting there without a horrifically bloody civil war in the process. The Japanese NEVER had gun in the numbers we – or even the Aussies – do. Their culture is entirely different from ours. They never had to go from a condition where guns are owned by a very large minority (if not an actual majority)… Read more »


An old Chinese saying Jerry(though I suspect American). “The first one is expensive, the rest are free.”

Christopher Little

Here’s a Maryland Law Review article David Kopel and I wrote back in 1997 when Etzioni was making similar noises.


What was it that Charlton Heston said about his cold dead body.
American gun owners are a threat to those who think they should control the world and we should do their bidding. We are now in a struggle with those very ones who are attempting to take down the U.S. from within. One of the biggest signs is the national debt, left wing liberals and their minion in the White House.

Kevin Collins

The author of the article in question, Amitai Etzioni, ‘served as a senior advisor to the Carter White House; taught at Columbia University, Harvard and the University of California at Berkeley; and is a professor of international relations at the George Washington University. A study by Richard Posner ranked him among the top 100 American intellectuals.’

And now he writes an op-ed for the HuffPo endorsing gun confiscation. This guy needs to concentrate on his specialty of socioeconomics and communitarianism or retire and shut his pie hole. I prefer the latter.


“Above all, domestic disarmament is a true, compelling vision which cannot be said about the small gun control measures that are currently promoted by some of the most enlightened people among us.”

How does he pack so much failure and ego into one sentence?


Behind every blade of grass …


The ‘War on Guns’ is now officially out in the open for all to see.


Pretty much any and everything out of huff & puff is from a lot of over educated LIB TURD ,NO COMMON sense type worms IF somethng were to happen. AFTER they piss their panties, THEY BEST hide. Some people WILL REMEMBER THEM an what they said.

Art Mazeau

I truly feel safe in saying that I cannot understand a mind, one that must at least have been educated to call himself a professor, that calls out loud for “Domestic Dsarmament” of a country that has a complete and fully legal process for the protection of its citizens which requires certain criteria be met before a legal proccess to remove “Inailiable Rights” from a population. He most certainly couldn’t have been absent for that class where he went to get that brilliant mind vacated of common sense during his education process. Listen Professor, If you don’t want a gun,… Read more »


Many of us who still believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, are ready. I don’t think mass attempted confiscation is a maybe issue, but a when issue. I don’t look forward to it not do I hope it happens. But if it does, I have no doubts the 100 million Patriots standing quietly in the shadows will quickly get their point across as to where they stand on their collective rights. God help us all if they try.

JJ Swiontek

Old Armenian Saying: “He who wants to take your gun, wants to take your life.” They mean to kill us.

Robert Gamble

What changed that he now hates weapons to defend yourself ?? During Etzioni’s time in the Palmach, underground Jewish groups, mainly the Irgun and Lehi militias, and to a lesser extent the Palmach, were carrying out a violent campaign against the British authorities to compel them to allow more Jewish immigration to Palestine and leave the country to enable a Jewish state to be established. Etzioni participated in a Palmach operation to blow up a British radar station near Haifa being used to track ships carrying illegal Jewish immigrants attempting to enter Palestine. Etzioni’s team managed to breach the fence… Read more »


America is in it’s current predicament because the academics dictating policy don’t know the world beyond the ‘faculty lounge’.

Woody W Woodward

Takers have no limits. Their idea of negotiations or compromise is capitulation, total unconditional surrender. If not for armed Americans, many of whom grew up with firearms in the home, the over educated fool, Etzioni, would be speaking German or Japanese today, if indeed he were alive to speak any language. I do not understand how an “educated” American Jew whose people were damn near annihilated to the tune of approximately 6,000,000 souls can, with any conscience at all, support totalitarian government practices. Educated … maybe. Intelligent … highly questionable.


Here, here! As a Retired U.S. Army officer and one who has spent over 3 decades in service to my country, I will not be disarmed by the likes of this idiot. I am not some paranoid war monger. What I am is an American. Idiots like this are why this past Black Friday more guns were sold than ever before.