Julie McQueen Pens New Fitness Column for MidWest Outdoors Magazine

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Ammoland.Com)Julie McQueen with Backstage & Backroads Productions is contributing monthly to MidWest Outdoors magazine with a new fitness column titled, “Fitness for the Field.”

Julie McQueen for Midwest Outdoors MagazineBeginning with the January, 2016 issue, McQueen’s column will focus on helping hunters and anglers use the power of fitness and healthy eating to be more successful and enjoy these outdoor traditions to the fullest.

“Fitness and health are very important to my husband, Daniel Lee, and me,” says McQueen. “We need to be at our best for lugging cameras up and down hills, then staying strong and focused to make the shot. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to eating healthy and staying fit for any type of hunting and fishing, and can’t wait to share this with everyone who wants the same thing.”

Development of a fitness-related column, and finding the ideal person to write it, was a yearlong process, said Mark Strand, editor of MidWest Outdoors. “Even sitting quietly in a stand for hours on end is a challenge,” he said. “When you start hiking in long distances, following a dog through thick cover, casting heavy lures for hours, trying to control your breathing and heart rate at the moment of the shot, everything goes better if you’re physically and mentally ready for the challenges. Julie’s voice is a great addition to our magazine, and we’re excited to share her advice on what we can all do to have more fun on our adventures. Young readers love her, and older readers treasure her help that can extend their sporting life.”

About Backstage & Backroads

Backstage & Backroads Productions was created by Daniel Lee Martin in 2010 and currently produces a number of outdoor TV webisodes, shows, commercials and more, including “Brotherhood Outdoors,” currently airing on Sportsman Channel.

Julie and Daniel Lee are America’s outdoor couple as they hit the road filming amazing adventures with their production studio, Backstage & Backroads Productions. Julie found her way into the hunting industry as a pro-staffer back before any other girl had even tried. She also made a name for herself in the fashion industry by working in Los Angeles, New York, and all over Europe. She just might be the only girl to fly from a photo shoot in France, land in the U.S., and climb directly into a tree stand. Daniel Lee was a professional golfer and advertising executive, but left it all behind in 1997 to pursue his dream of becoming a country recording artist. He’s toured with Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Clint Black and Vince Gill, to name a few, plus annual performances at Fan Fair in Nashville. In November of 2002, Martin became the first artist signed to ChinMusic Records. His two critically acclaimed albums led to him being one of the most widely recognized independent country music artists in Nashville.

Learn more about Julie and Daniel Lee at http://backstageandbackroads.com

About MidWest Outdoors

MidWest Outdoors was founded in 1967, and is one of the nation’s leading outdoor media brands. MidWest Outdoors magazine is in its 48th year of helping readers enjoy the outdoors, with an emphasis on helpful how-to and where-to articles focused on fishing and hunting in the Midwestern states. Special sections cover ice fishing and fishing Canada. MidWest Outdoors Television airs on more than 30 national and regional cable/satellite outlets and local broadcast channels, celebrating its 30th anniversary of producing a new episode every week, 52 weeks a year. MidWest Outdoors Podcast is available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio, and the broadcast home, at midwestoutdoors.com.

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Michelle E
Michelle E
5 years ago

What are your fitness and nutrition credentials? I would like to hear some of your background. Degree, certifications, experience? The article is unclear. Thanks!