Kansas Wildlife and Parks Magazine Announces Photography Contest Winners

Kansas Wildlife and Parks Magazine Announces Photography Contest Winners
Kansas Wildlife and Parks Magazine Announces Photography Contest Winners
Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT)
Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT)

Pratt, KS -(AmmoLand.com)- For the third year running, Kansas Wildlife & Parks magazine staff have not been disappointed by the entries received in the “Wild About Kansas” photography contest.

What used to be a contest only open to youth age 18 and younger was expanded to accept entries from photographers of all ages and skill levels. A total of 124 participants submitted work this year in hopes of landing on the pages of Kansas Wildlife & Parks magazine, and 24 of them will realize that dream in the 2016 January/February photo issue.

To obtain a copy of the special photo issue out in early January, call (620) 672-5911, or become a subscriber at ksoutdoors.com by clicking “Publications,” then “KDWPT Magazine.”

“Wild About Kansas is really about appreciating Kansas outdoors from all perspectives,” said Kansas Wildlife & Parks managing editor, Nadia Marji. “We’ve seen incredible photos taken from the heart of the suburbs, and we’ve seen equally stunning photos taken from the middle of the prairie. It’s just a true testament to the diversity of our state and all that our landscape has to offer.”

Photos were judged based on creativity, composition, subject matter, lighting, and overall sharpness. The 2015 “Wild About Kansas” award winners are as follows:



  • 1st- Tony Pianalto,“Sumac Buck”
  • 2nd- Chuck Gibson,“Great Blue Heron”
  • 3rd- Dale Roark,“Towhee”
  • Honorable Mention- Aaron Thompson,“Focused Eagle”


  • 1st- Amelia Kilmer,“Monarch”
  • 2nd- Ross Ifland,“Upland Sandpiper”
  • 3rd- Christina Craig,“Halloween Pennant”
  • Honorable Mention- Julien Reynard,“Moonlight Geese”



  • 1st- Aaron Thompson,“Wood Skeleton”
  • 2nd- Tony Ifland,“Dewy Prairie Morning”
  • 3rd- Robert Dilla,“Foggy Sunrise”
  • Honorable Mention- Jay Miller,“Kansas Night Sky”


  • 1st- Christina Craig,“Almost Spring”
  • 2nd- Grace Young,“Marais Des Cygnes”
  • 3rd- Amelia Kilmer,“Tree Arch”
  • Honorable Mention- Julien Reynard,“Sunset in The Spring”



  • 1st- Tony Ifland,“Duck Season Training”
  • 2nd- Darrell Skrdlant,“Flying High”
  • 3rd- Ken Brunson,“Sylvie Spots Mushrooms”
  • Honorable Mention- Chuck Gibson,“Gone Fishin’”


  • 1st- Katelyn Ifland,“Camping Moonrise”
  • 2nd- Callie Bowley,“Kansas Winter Trout”
  • 3rd- Christina Craig,“Fishing on Glass”
  • Honorable Mention- Andrew Fischer,“Hunting Sunset”

Details on the 2016 contest will be made available after the New Year on www.ksoutdoors.com.

About the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism:

As a public steward of the Kansas natural resources, the mission of the Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism is to: Conserve and enhance Kansas natural heritage, its wildlife and its habitats–to assure future generations the benefits of the state’s diverse, living resources; Provide the public with opportunities for the use and appreciation of the natural resources of Kansas, consistent with the conservation of those resources; Inform the public of the status of the natural resources of Kansas to promote understanding and gain assistance in achieving this mission.

For more information on KDWPT, please visit www.kdwpt.state.ks.us.