LASR Introduces the Ability to Use Recoil Laser Training Aids

LASR introduces the ability to practice with recoil in your own home.

LASR Introduces the Ability to Use Recoil Laser Training Aids
LASR Introduces the Ability to Use Recoil Laser Training Aids; image courtesy of LASR

United States -( LASR Team LLC, the makers of the popular dry-fire training software, Laser Activated Shot Reporter (LASR), are pleased to announce the release of their newest product: the LASR Recoil Compatibility Extension.

This extension, along with the LASR Advanced Use Camera, will provide full compatibility between the LASR software and any recoil laser training aids.

This newest product release comes shortly after LASR’s most recent update (version 3.3), which included many of the functional changes needed to make this possible. LASR Team already has a demo video available which features this new functionality:

Recoil laser training aids have been on the market for some time. They are becoming more affordable and include adaptations to real firearms, dedicated training firearms, and even adapted airsoft devices. As long as these devices emit a laser when they are fired, the LASR Recoil Compatibility Extension will allow LASR to reliably and accurately provide feedback. LASR provides feedback on shot placement and shot-time; and also has many other features and modes to get more out of dry-fire practice.

“We are pretty excited to be offering this solution,” said John Wallace, one of the owners of the company. “It has been in the works for nearly a year, and we are once again paving the way with new ways to train that don’t break the bank.”

The LASR Recoil Compatibility Extension and the LASR Advanced Use Camera are both available in the LASR Store at, and work with the LASR software, the company’s primary product.

LASR Team is also offering some affordable recoil training aid solutions based on modified airsoft devices, but Mr. Wallace emphasizes, “… as long as you have the extension and camera, the LASR software will work with any recoil laser training aid, even infrared.”

About LASR Team, LLC:

LASR (Laser Activated Shot Reporter) makes your dry fire practice more engaging, more productive, and more useful. By utilizing your webcam and computer, LASR watches one or more targets for laser hits and records the location and time of each hit.

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