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Advantage Hard-Side Blinds
Advantage Hard-Side Blinds
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Advantage Hunting

Raleigh, NC -( You’ve probably seen one of the deer hunting television shows that feature the host planning how he’s going to hunt his food plot.

The how-to focus typically centers on considering what tree is best for his treestand. The hunter wants that tree near a deer highway, and he wants it where the prevailing wind during the fall won’t waft his scent to the whitetails.

He especially doesn’t want to be upwind of that one big buck the host has been having a trail-camera love affair with, not to mention the other deer that are munching on the various forbs and grains he has planted. He must find a tree that will be suitable and safe for his climbing stand or lock-on.

What the TV show might not reveal are the rainy, miserable days that hunter spent in the stand without seeing a deer, or the days he had to sit at home rather than risk spooking deer because of the wind.

Although treestands have evolved to be reasonably comfortable and effective platforms for hunting big game with bow and rifle, hard-sided hunting blinds, on the ground or on towers, offer dry comfort that can overlook a food plot from the ultimate spot. And a hunter is not tied down to hunting from a location where there’s a suitable tree to hand a stand.

Hard-side blinds not only keep you comfortable, they also let you share the hunt with others, without those other hunters having to climb to a stand above or below you in the same tree. The Advantage Hunting Whitetail, for example, can accommodate two hunters side by side with ample elbowroom. The Whitetail Condo from Advantage Hunting can fit four hunters comfortably.

Plus, with the right kind of hard-side stand, such as the SCENTite Deluxe or Deluxe Condo, a deer busting you by picking up your scent becomes a non-issue. These blinds feature air intakes near the blinds’ bottoms, which wafts the human scent upward through a “chimney” on top and out 30 feet above the ground. Add Advantage Hunting’s complete Galvanized Blind Platform or the company’s Quadpod Kit and some 4×4 lumber to either the two-person blind or four-person condo, and raise your blind 10 feet off the ground. Now you have a bird’s eye view of the food plot and expel scent even higher above the ground. Whitetail model blinds can be lifted with the Galvanized Blind Platform or Quadpod Kit as well.

Food plots become more popular among serious deer hunters every year, contributing to the health of the herd and bringing deer close for efficient harvest. An Advantage hard-side blind not only puts you in the right spot to see your entire food plot, but this blind keeps you dry and comfortable, too.

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