Military Police Army Reserve Soldiers Stop Armed Robbery

U.S. Army Reserve
U.S. Army Reserve

RT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md., — -( U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers from the 372nd Military Police Company out of Cumberland, Md., stopped an armed robbery at a pharmacy near Fort Dix, N.J., Dec. 12 2015, in Pemberton Township.

As the Soldiers exited the store, they noticed a suspicious male holding a large black knife in his left hand and a black plastic bag in his right hand.

The Soldiers immediately called 911 but when the man exited the store he began running towards the back alley.

The Soldiers pursued and instructed the subject to stop but he persisted. The Soldiers’ determination finally caused the man to drop his weapon and the black bag and surrender. He was taken into custody shortly after.

Two of the Soldiers are law enforcement officers in the Maryland area. Sgt. Eric Blake is a law enforcement officer for the Anne Arundel County Police Department located in Maryland and Cpl. Aaron Dabney is a law enforcement officer for the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia.

About U.S. Army Reserve

Army Reserve forces are always available for the needs of the Army and the Joint Force. The Army Reserve falls under the day-to-day command and control of the president and the secretary of defense. Army Reserve Soldiers and units can be used by the Joint Force for missions in peacetime and in wartime, during training and when mobilized, for planning and for operations. Visit:

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The article doesn’t say they were armed, but as OD LEOs they should have been. Either way, good job.


Well done!

James B. Seitz

Good job guys!