Montana Rifle Co. Awarded 2016 Friends of NRA’s “NRA Gun of the Year”

The Montana Rifle Co. American Legends Rifle Awarded

2016 Friends of the NRA’s “NRA Gun of the Year”

Montana Rifle Co. American Legend Rifle
Montana Rifle Co. American Legend Rifle

Montana Rifle Co.Kalispell, MT ( – The Montana Rifle Company (MRC) sure is enjoying a Stellar year.  Not only were they 2015 Mule Deer Foundation’s “Rifle of the Year” with the ASR-SS Rifle, Field & Stream Magazine’s “Best of the Best”  with the X2 Rifle, but just recently announced they are 2016 Friends of NRA’s “NRA Gun of the YEAR” with the all new American Legends Rifle (ALR).

“To win this award is a highlight of the hard work and dedication that we have not only put into production, but also rifle design and development,” said MRC VP of Sales & Marketing, Jeff Sipe.  “We had an idea of what we wanted this rifle to not only look like but also what we wanted it to symbolize,” Sipe added.

The ALR is a 300 Win Mag built on MRC’s award winning Model 1999 Montana Action and match-grade hand-lapped barrels.  The steel is chrome moly matte blued for an elegant finish without the glare no hunter likes to see in the field. The bottom metal is engraved in a gold Cerakote® engraving with the “NRA Gun of the Year” logo.  The barrel is a #2 contour, 24” barrel with a 1- 10 inch twist rate.

Friends of NRA MRC engraved detail on American Legends Rifle
Friends of NRA MRC engraved detail on American Legends Rifle

The biggest issue was having a wood stock in a production platform that could fill the desire for elegance.  MRC worked along with the management crew at Boyds Gunstocks to come up with a stock that would fill its needs.  The end result was an AA grade American walnut stock with black tip and grip featuring a wrap-around front checkering pattern and a raised cheek piece coupled with a 1” Pachmayr® decelerator pad.

“The American West was won by legends that fought and died, struggled to survive and made a living in some of the harshest, yet most majestic lands known to man.  It is in memory of these “legends” that we came up with the new rifle,” said Sipe.

“There are many awards given in the firearms industry and this is one of the most coveted of them all.  The NRA is not only a powerful lobbying group but by far one the most influential supporters of the 2nd Amendment in our country.  It is an incredible honor to be awarded the ‘Gun of the Year’ and we are humbled and thankful to the Friends of NRA and the entire selection committee.”

For more information on the American Legends Rifle, or any other rifle MRC makes, visit their website at Click here to find a dealer near you.

About Montana Rifle Company:

Montana Rifle Company (MRC) was founded by gunsmith and barrel manufacturer Keith Sipe in 1999. What originally started as a business specializing in gunsmithing firearms for avid sportsmen soon became a barrel manufacturer known for its quality hand-made barrels. The business continued to grow incorporating custom hunting gun builds and Mauser type actions. Today, MRC is proud to have created a line of economically produced production rifles with a superior controlled round feed action.

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I have a brand new one in the box for sale.

Scott Ferguson

For sale Montana 1999 NRA gun of year. New, never fired or scoped, .300 win mag, 1 of 1150. $1600


I also have one that is new still in the box never fired I’d like to sell if anyone is interested email me at [email protected]

Clint Snider

I have one and would like to off load it, im a lefty and do not need a big cal rifle like this. Never shot, still in plastic.


Clint, Still have it? [email protected]


I purchased one at FNRA banquet this year. Great looking gun and I got my trigger weight down to 2 pounds. Gun shoots extremely smooth but the action is very poorly designed, I have to wiggle it around to get the gun to switch from safety to fire and have to pry the action to get a bullet to chamber. Definitely a gun to leave in the cabinet and look at

mark wilson

I bought a ticket from northwestern Michigan friends of the nra april 23 2016 , I won great lic #r34481 they will not complete transfer it is held at a place called shooters in traverse city mi.i was told company requires call from nics.after 32 days they said they will transfer to other ffl that was 6 days ago ,has not been done,so whats the deal big scam to get people to buy tickets to win your gun but no gun?

Ron roos

I am the lucky one to have one can you tell me the best bullet weight to go with

willam Suval

I have #0443 and I would like to sell it..It has never been shot..You can reach me at [email protected]

Mike Maratea

I won one at an event past weekend in PA. I’m a lefty. Looking to move gun. Any ideas?

Wayne Royse

What are you asking for the rifle?

Mike Gillette

I would like to buy this rifle from you if you still have it?

[email protected]

Please contact me.

James Kallam

Got my NRA limited edition at the Rockingham FNRA. Great looks, good feel, I like a rifle with long pull. Not scoped yet, but looking forward to putting a few rounds through it. My fourth 300 Win. Mag., just get a “kick” out of shooting that cal. Rifle functions smoothly, balances well.

Kim Schrock

A good looking rifle BUT I purchased one in 7 WSM. The action binds terribly The workmanship of the action was poor for the cost. The barrel was also not lapped very well at all. It took 50 round of Tubbs break in ammo to accomplish that. With the action the way it is I can not use it for my Alaska rifle. It will be a cabinet queen and I will use my Browning Medallion.

Lew Groth

Looking forward getting a MRC X2 338WM left stainless and shooting a giant Kodiak brown bear this spring. Hope it gets here in time.


The only availability is at a FNRA banquet. These rifles will not become part of MRCs regular production any time soon. Very exclusive!!!

Bill Knighton

Great looking gun. Sounds like just what I am looking for as my next rifle. Where can I get one?

Ronald W. White

This American Legends Rifle will stay in my family always.
Thank you