PowderHook Aligns With National Movement to Increase Participation In Gun Sports

National Hunting and Shooting Sports Action Plan
National Hunting and Shooting Sports Action Plan

Lincoln, NE. — -(Ammoland.com)- While the world endlessly debates gun regulation, the hunters and shooters of the world are aligning around a new way forward.

Powderhook is proud to announce it has aligned with the Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports and the Wildlife Management Institute to strengthen national efforts to recruit, retain and reactivate hunters and target shooters. The time is now to combat the erosion in participation in hunting and shooting sports.

The national partnership of more than 33 non-profit and conservation groups, firearms and archery industry leaders and state fish and wildlife agencies has been working for the past year to draft a comprehensive action plan that outlines the critically needed strategies and tools to create more hunters and shooting sports participants.

“The completion of this action plan signifies a monumental achievement and is a real game changer for our sporting community,” said Dan Forster, director for the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division.

“The Council’s innovative approach to address a national problem will now serve as a catalyzing agent for conservation partners to develop strategic approaches for addressing localized challenges.”

This plan to recruit, retain and reactivate, abbreviated to R3, is designed to re-energize past shooters and hunters, bring more non-traditional audiences into the fold, and ensures that conservation organizations are maximizing the impact of their R3 efforts.

“The majority of conservation funding in this country comes from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses and self-imposed excise taxes on firearms and ammunition,” said Powderhook CEO, Eric Dinger. “We believe the inclusive nature of our technology and the technology-first vision we bring to the industry can help usher in positive changes for the next generation of hunters, anglers and shooters. We look forward to continuing our role as the “nerds” in the room.”

The first draft of the National Hunting and Shooting Sports Action Plan was approved at a recent Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports board meeting, and the plan website and final documents will be made public in the future.

For up to date information on the R3 plan, visit www.cahss.org.

Local Nebraska men with the rewards of an early season teal hunt. Photo Credit: Brad Wells, Nebraska
Local Nebraska men with the rewards of an early season teal hunt. Photo Credit: Brad Wells, Nebraska

The Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports was formed by leaders in the conservation community to take a fresh look at the business of recruiting and retaining hunters and shooters and to develop new and sustainable strategies and tactics to solicit, engage and support these groups so vital to conservation and America’s heritage. The National Hunting & Shooting Sports Action plan is funded through Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program Multi-State Conservation Grant and partner donations.

About Powderhook
Powderhook, the front door to the outdoors, delivers local and current information to hunters, anglers and shooters via the Powderhook website and app. Designed to help people get started more easily and get out more often, Powderhook thrives by encouraging people to help each other. Users of Powderhook work together with technology to make the experience of a day outdoors more enjoyable for people of all experience levels. For more information visit www.powderhook.com, or download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

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I believe that the single most helpful thing would be to somehow — and I have no good ideas on how to do this — lower the cost of getting started in shooting sports, especially target shooting. Or even just the perceived cost! Just look at the photos of competitions, and you’ll see hordes of shooters with sponsor patches that have to be continued on the next jacket, and interviews with them talking about their brand new Super-Blast Auto Aim Smith and Winchester Ported Special Target Master chambered for 9.21mm Improved Final Guidance Ammunition. Occasionally, interview Joe Barnblaster, using an… Read more »