Prime Archery Welcomes Pro Archer and World Record Holder, Peter Elzinga, to Pro Team

Team Prime - Peter Elzinga
Team Prime – Peter Elzinga
G5 Outdoors Prime Bows
G5 Outdoors Prime Bows

Memphis, MI -( Prime Archery, a leading manufacturer of the most technologically advanced and highest-quality bows available to both bowhunters and target shooters, is excited to welcome professional archer, Peter Elzinga, to their competitive archery team as the newest Prime Pro!

Elzinga, age 34, hails from the Netherlands and picked up is first bow in 1989 at 9 years old. Shooting competitively quickly followed, and in 1994 Elzinga became a member of the Netherlands’ national archery team. He would later immerse himself into the archery world further by opening a pro shop, Elzinga Archery, in 2007. Elzinga’s competitive accomplishments include one World Championship and 17 World Cup titles.

“I selected Prime because I can personalize my bow’s feeling in the draw stop and the holding weight, so it is perfect to me,” explains Elzinga. “I have not been able to find another bow with this much room for adjustment and comfort.”

“Peter is one of the most professional competitive archers currently in the sport,” said G5 Outdoors CEO Matt Grace. “And the fact that he selected Prime bows over all others is not only something we are excited and grateful for, but it further confirms we are engineering the most accurate bows available.”

During the next year, Elzinga’s goals are not limited to maintaining his place as one of the top archers in the world—but also to improving upon it. He will be continuing his journey toward archery royalty at the Berlin Open indoor archery tournament and continuing with the World Archery Indoor World Cup Series.

Elzinga’s years of knowledge and experience are expected to add a great deal to the growing Prime Team of competitive archers, and his very active tournament schedule is sure to continue to establish Prime as the top bow manufacturer in the industry.

Elzinga’s Highlighted Stats:

World Championships:

  • Silver Medals: 1

World Cup:

  • Gold Medals: 4
  • Silver Medals: 8
  • Bronze Medals: 5

Continental Championships:

  • Gold Medals: 4
  • Silver Medals: 1
  • Bronze Medals: 2

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