Q&A with Ivan Carter Host of “Carter’s W.A.R. (Wild Animal Response)”

Outdoor Channel’s Original Series “Carter’s W.A.R.” Takes Viewers to the Front Line in Africa’s Fight for Survival, Conservation and Wildlife Animal Response on Monday, December 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT
Q&A with Ivan Carter Host of “Carter’s W.A.R. (Wild Animal Response)”
Outdoor Channel TV
Outdoor Channel TV

Denver, CO -(AmmoLand.com)- Native son of Zimbabwe, Ivan Carter, is taking it upon himself to call attention to and help correct the wrongs he has seen – and continues to see in his homeland – with the Outdoor Channel original series Carter’s W.A.R. (Wildlife Animal Response) presented by Nosler.

Carter’s W.A.R. airs exclusively on Outdoor Channel on Mondays beginning December 28 at 9 p.m. ET.

Q:        What was the most dangerous situation you found yourself in during Season One?

A:        A couple of things – putting myself in fishermen’s shoes and being in crocodile-infested waters. That was pretty intense. We did a lion episode that required me to walk up to a pride of lions on a kill. In daylight, no problem at all. In the evening they charged – and I mean really charged! One of them stopped about five paces from me. For a while I wasn’t sure if she was going to take that final leap or not.

Q:        As Season One unfolded, how did your expectations from before beginning of the season compare to reality at the end of the season?

A:        What we captured exceeded my expectations from the perspective that our episodes are largely event-driven. I was prepared to not get an event to film. As it was, the events were plentiful, and the crew did an exceptional job of documenting what happened.

Q:        What were the biggest surprises or takeaways?

A:        It was a lot harder than I thought to actually capture real-time events. They are highly dramatic, but never easy to film.

Q:        What do you want viewers to learn from this series?

A:        There is HOPE. Amid the turmoil of human/wildlife conflict – there are enough passionate people on the front lines.  And with support amazing things can happen.

Q:        When do you start filming Season Two and what are some of the most exciting storylines you are pursuing?

A:        We are starting early in 2016. Season One has led to a large number of stories from which to choose. We will be covering the use of military tracker dogs to combat poaching. We will be following some of the world’s foremost anti-poaching teams and getting a rare glimpse into what their lives involve. We will be filming the move of elephants from an area of great conflict into a new national park. And we will also be doing some work with the move of lions and cheetahs. All in all, it promises to be a very busy, highly-compelling and provocative year.

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Dear Ivan,
Enjoy your show and just wanted to know about your Bush Hat, I would like to know where you got you hat so I can purchase one.



Serita Karmazin

Could you tell me what the name of the comoflage print is that Ivan Carter was wearing on his African search of the elephants. Not mossy oak or real tree but another como print.
Thank you,


Hey is wearing Kryptek brand, pattern Mandrake.

Though both Mandrake and Highlander are good patterns established by kryptek.